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Warm white and cool white LED colour examples Dimmable or Non-Dimmable LED lighting Having a dimmer switch in any of the rooms kight you home or studio can help create the desired mood lighting and will help with creating an effective ambience. Fitting Replacement LED Ceiling Lights Ceiling lights are a single fixed unit including the casing that will fit directly into a pre drilled hole.

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There are a great deal of different bulb types available for each fitting type and a ilght deal of different colours, shades, strengths etc…. In addition, there are direct replacement bulbs for your existing lamps and old light fixtures, these bulbs feature the same screw in or bayonet cap and also the same dimmer switches, but benefit from running low level LED lighting, saving both energy and money. A qualified electrical tradesman will also be able to offer you advice on what type of bulb will be best suited for your particular needs and also what products are best in terms of quality, price and reliability.

Each LED ceiling light has a transformer built into it to control the amount of current that flows to the bulb.

The jury bulbx out! The LED bulbs listed below in the image are retro fit meaning they are a direct replacement for the older less efficient bulbs. Rpelacement means an electric field builds up around the element which then resists the change of voltage offered by the dimmer. Kight your not liyht about fitting these we would strongly recommend calling a professional electrician as some wiring may be required and also dependant on what room they are being installed in, Part P regulations may come into effect if they are to be installed in the Kitchen or Bathroom. These floodlights come in a number of different power outputs, depending on the strength of light you require — from through to lumens more on lumens can be found below.

If you are replacing old halogen bulbs with a GU10 LED SMD this should be fine but if you are running any volt systems you will need to ensure that you have dimmable transformers and a compatible LED trailing edge dimmer switch. Most of these can be purchased from your local DIY store or in some cases supermarkets.

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Please check out project on Part P of the Building Regulations. With this in mind, there are two main colour options to choose from known as warm white and cool white. All project content written and produced by Mike Edwards. To replace the 12 volt halogen system with a new LED light system can be expensive, we would recommend changing the down light fitting to a GU10 this would save you from changing the transformer and switch. LED strip lights are simple to install and are an illuminating addition to a kitchen, bathroom, lounge, hall, cupboard or even the humble garden shed. Dimmer switches may need changing when switching to LED lighting It is worth noting that most dimmer switches will also likely have a range of wattage again often 10W or 50W minimum so often to swap to LED the dimmer may also need changing.

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