Clitoris capuchon

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clitoral hood

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Most mammals and primates approach copulation from the rear instead cappuchon the common frontal position that humans often assume, capuchoj the clitoral stimulation is directly created by glans contact with the scrotum at the base of the penis and the different contractions of its corrugated dartos muscles. Though much less common, other women opt to have their own hood surgically trimmed or removed so as to permanently expose part or all of the clitoral glans.

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Sticky bands of tissue called adhesions can acpuchon between the hood and the glans; these capucchon the hood onto the glans so the hood cannot be pulled back to expose the glans, and, as in the male, strongly scented smegma can accumulate. Areas include clitoral capcuhon, body, crura. Other women have smaller hoods that do not cover the full length of the clitoral glans, leaving the clitoral glans exposed all the time. The clitoral hood is formed from the same tissues that form the foreskin in human males. The clitoral glans, like the foreskin, must be lubricated by the naturally provided sebum.

In most of the world, clitoral modifications are uncommon. If a woman's clitoral glans is not lubricated the hood may not caress it during sexual stimulation, or the female may experience pain rather than pleasure.

Capuchon Clitoris

Normally, the clitoral glans itself is too sensitive to be stimulated directly, such as in cases where the hood is retracted. Development and variation[ edit ] Variation between women in the development of the clitoral hood: Stimulation[ edit ] Shows the sub-areas of the clitoris. Some women have large clitoral hoods that completely cover the clitoral glans.

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