Gays giving blowjobs

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Doing this not only gives you a chance to take a breather, it also helps him to produce more manjuice. Make sure there is eye contact. This will allow titillation of his nerve endings and help with the buildup. To avoid this from happening, take him one inch at a time. This will send a message from his brain to his peen and help encourage buildup in his nutsack. In fact, used to make a lot of mistakes.

Blowjobs Gays giving

bllowjobs Touch it the right way and it can send waves of pleasure. Blowjob is a bit of a misnomer. This position allows for even blood flow to all his extremities, including the testicles mentioned above. Your lips should be covering your teeth and you can move your tongue to massage the shaft.

Shutterstock Straight girlfriends often ask me with the same wide-eyed mystification about tips for giving head. Instead, do things slowly. Think of this as a multi-prong approach. Many guys who are into feeding find this to be a helpful tip.

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