Veal breast with pocket

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How to Make Polish Stuffed-Breast Veal Pocket

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Even the veal breast as I made it for them was only a vague recollection of what I had as a child. No one makes stuffed veal breast anymore.

Stuffed veal breast was the dinner of a large family with limited resources. The veal breast little more than the thin remains of meat along the ribs of the calf after all the good pieces were removed. Back in the day, that remaining breast was one of the most inexpensive cuts in the butcher shop. To make it something substantial, you would have the butcher slice a pocket between the bones and the thin layer of flesh. You would then make a stuffing from stale left over bread and anything else you might have. Stuffings might include cheeses or chopped salami; some versions had dried fruits or greens, others ground pork, still others nothing more than the bread and some onions and garlic.

For the veal breast to be edible it needed to roast or braise for hours. Once done the stuffed breast of veal provided a most tender, savory and satisfying dinner. In more recent times the economic status of most Italian Americans has distanced them from such humble and time consuming fare. The first area of investigation was the index of every cookbook I own. Not one mentioned panzetta. The next step was to look online.

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Wiith I researched the history of stuffed breast of veal on the American and the Italian Google, I found myself at numerous dead ends. First of all, what is the correct name of this dish? I started with Google Italy where I found nothing in text search and numerous images of people with fat stomachs: What I found was that there were three names for the dish in Italy: The site was a list for the Italian tourist. The list was a kind of advisory that noted and translated typical things the Italian traveler in America might find on a restaurant menu. The answer now seemed obvious to me. From those I know in the Philadelphia area the word is part of the vocabulary.

I would wonder if it is also bdeast word in other Italian American communities around the country. We use our well-washed hands for this task. You could use latex gloves if the idea of bare-hand mixing does not appeal to you. Fill the veal pocket with the meat mixture, packing the filling tightly.

Breast with pocket Veal

Optional Use the skewers to construct a kind of grate over the opening to keep the bteast from falling out while cooking. Pierce the top part dith the pocket near the opening with a skewer, push the skewer through, and anchor the tip into the bottom pcoket see photo. You may not need to contain the rbeast this way, depending on the volume of the pocket. Dust the top and sides of the stuffed pocket with the "salt and additional freshly ground black pepper". The stuffed veal pocket is done when the stuffing is cooked through just as a meatloaf would be but not overcooked, and the veal has a bit of crispy skin on the outside.

Remove the roasted veal pocket from the oven and let rest for 15 minutes. Remove the optional skewers. Slice each serving from top to bottom between the ribs and place on a warmed plate. Presenting the Veal Pocket in Polish Style For the warmed plate you use for serving, consider one of the traditionally designed Boleslawiec ceramics from Poland. These beautiful, high quality baking and serving dishes are inspired by Polish folk art designs and hand painted in Poland.

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