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They look like veins in a leaf. And they breathe this way for a very compelling reason: Whoot product linked in Goop's article claims to work well with coffee, and also claims that shooting coffee into your colon is good for your liver, removes "toxins," and relieves depression, confusion? They can maybe even harm you. No, coffee enemas probably do not do this. Those are its breathing tubes.

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So, if you come back in a little bit, we promise you three little breathers who get their oxygen in surprisingly unexpected ways, by breaking through, breaking in, or hanging on. By Kellen Beck Robert Krulwich Oh dear. I swear by the end of the film you're going to want a Milo all of your own, poor misunderstood lil guy! Pretty quickly this film pulls you in with a great opening scene, and then it keeps pace through the entire film, rotating between great blood soaked moments and humor sometimes mixing the two perfectly in such a disgustingly delicious way that you may feel both grossed out and ashamed for laughing at such wretchedness. It spends the first years of its life entirely submerged, then crawls up into the air, and flies off.

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