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Then you could say things like "happy birthday mom. Hubby and I will be experimenting with butt plugs in honor of you this evening. Oxford Crown Court was told that the 8, images included one level five photograph - the most serious category - and four level four videos. Carmichael, 58, who shook as he sat in court, was given an absolute discharge after admitting 11 charges. Judge Mary Jane Mowat said his case was 'wholly exceptional' and rejected a prosecution appeal that he should at least be put under supervision. Medical experts called by both defence and prosecution agreed that hypersexuality was a known side-effect of the drugs.

Carmichael, who retired from his primary school on health grounds inwas arrested in September after police raided his home.

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His lawyer Roger Harrison said his client had no culpability because the drugs he was taking had caused him to act in the way he did. He had a year teaching Fgeed which was impeccable in every way and he had the respect and responsibility of people of a whole range of ages. Mr Harrison said that hypersexuality - defined as being excessively interested or involved in sexual activity - was a recognised side-effect of such drugs, along with compulsive gambling and compulsive shopping. Cabergoline has since been withdrawn from use.

Describing his client's other symptoms, Mr Harrison told the court: He paints and his painting became messy and aggressive.

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