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And I want to Mcdonaods you achieve the same. It gives you the energy to go out and rock you day, and it greatly reduces food cravings later on. Try a superfood smoothiea bowl of yogurt with berries, or wholemeal toasts with almond butter and sliced banana pieces. We flinch and get a little something.

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The remedy is simple: A home-made trail mix of goji berries, almonds, and dried cranberries. Junk food, from a nutritional standpoint, is pretty much poison. Why the hell would you want to do that? Challenge yourself to bring your lunch to work everyday for the next 30 days. The solution is easy: And if you get bored with drinking water, try adding a slice of lemon. And the best part? And you know Fast Food is terrible. If you really want to understand the Fast Food game, I recommend you pick up the book Fast Food Nation, or watch the movie adaptation. Enraged at this injustice, Nova threw the meals at the cashiers while Michael dialed Frequent customer Ricardo Jones discovered the price increase after ordering seven of the Beefy Crunch Burritos, and became so enraged at the higher bill that he shot at the drive-thru window cashier, then pulled out another handgun and an assault rifle and put them on the roof of his car.

Jones was found at a hotel two miles away where he engaged in a four-hour shootout with the SWAT team. He was finally forced out of his room with tear gas and arrested.

Ram the car in front of you in the drive-thru. Getty Images Timothy Braddee, Jr. After placing his order, Braddee began flashing his high beams at the car in js of him, then rammed the vehicle with his SUV. The customer moved aside, then immediately contacted the manager. He responded by pointing a loaded rifle at the manager, then driving away, presumably without the food that he so desperately wanted. Police later found Braddee passed out at his home with a blood alcohol level of. Schoor amended his story, saying that he actually had been a member of the West Palm Beach Fire Rescue, not the police.

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Get hot under the collar over hot fuckes. Apparently no one told Jeremy Combs that getting hot sauce packets at Taco Bell is as easy as asking for them. When Combs noticed his drive-thru order was missing the spicy condimenthe pulled a gauge shotgun on the cashier at the window. Refuse to leave the drive-thru. Though it was 6: The manager refused, but Womack stood her ground at the drive-thru for more than 10 minutes. Deputies eventually approached her car; she informed them that her rights were being violated. Threaten to assume your ultimate form.

She eventually shattered the window, but only after spewing forth all sorts of unlikely threats.

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