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We never known that before. I have to trade something out fast. Her rupees are handy.

He was a perfect gentleman. I gave him my number. She loves that he is looking out for her. Dan goes to his room and watches her change. He sees her naked briefly as she puts on her nightgown. She gets in bed and turns the light out. They get a little more into it. Some heavy petting in the car when he brings her home. She lets him take her top off and he plays a little. She gropes him through his pants. She decides to kick it up a notch and see how he is in bed. She calls him and invites him to dinner. She is wearing a pair of slacks, and nice blouse.

She leaves he bra off. Dinner is almost ready. They sit in the kitchen and chat while she finishes up. They enjoy a nice dinner and they take another glass of wine to the living room. They start making out a little. He cups her breast as he kisses her. She moans a little and pushes against his hand. He tweaks her nipple and she gasps. You have good hands. She groans and rubs his cock. She takes his shirt off and hugs her hot breasts against him. She pulls him up and takes him to her bedroom. She sits him on the bed and slowly takes her pants and panties off. You are so hot. She pulls is pants down and sees his 5 in. She opens the nightstand drawer Mother eates sons cum pulls out a condom. They take all the feeling away.

She rolls the condom on his cock and pulls him on top of her. He pushes in her and starts stroking. In about two minutes he groans and cums. He has a hair trigger. He almost came before he got it in. You are the greatest. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. Now you gotta get dressed and get out of here. My son will be home soon. I want more of you. What a fucking joke. She gets her vibrator out and finishes the job. The next morning, Dan comes home. She seems in a foul mood. I invited Jerry over last night. I thought it would be a good time for some sex seeing that you were gone. I cooked dinner for him and we went to the bedroom.

I made him do it. He climbed on me and came in two minutes. That Mother eates sons cum has a hair trigger. I was Mother eates sons cum so disappointed in my life. I thought you two had something going there. She opens a txt file and makes her list. She goes in his room and opens his laptop. She turns it on and waits for it to boot up. She looks for the email icon. Her jaw drops open. He is spying on me. She deletes the email and deletes it again in the deleted section. She goes to the kitchen. She goes on automatic pilot and makes a pot of coffee. He has seen me naked. He has seen me masturbate. He probably jacks off watching me. He has seen everything. What am I going to do.

He would feel terrible about being caught. He will know I discovered him. What a mess this is. Incest pops into her mind. I could ruin him for life. I have to figure something out fast. He will be watching me tonight. He gives his mom the usual kiss and hug. He grabs a snack and goes to his room. He kills a few aliens and goes to the living room. He turns the TV on and watches a ball game. Carol is cleaning the kitchen in automatic mode. She is trying to figure a solution for her problem. She knows she will have to get naked for him tonight. She is really nervous. She starts dinner and Dan come in the kitchen. I have one left just for you.

Her nipples perk up and her pussy twitches as she thinks about the show she will put on for him tonight. You feed good in my arms. They eat dinner and watch a little TV. Dan goes to his room. On the way he grabs a new soiled pair of her panties. He turns on the spy cam. He kills a few more aliens and waits for his mom to go in her room. Soon she comes in and he clicks the record icon. She goes in the bathroom and turns on the water. She comes out and slowly takes her clothes off. She is trying to make it look like every other evening. She walks into the bathroom and takes her shower. She comes out without the towel. She stands in front of her mirror as usual.

She turns and checks her ass out. She slowly walks to the bed. She picks up her nighty and puts it on. She gets in bed, pulls the covers up and turns off the light. Dan wipes his cum up, gets in bed and goes to sleep. The next day, she is going crazy. She has to figure a way out of this. She decides to call her best friend and see what she thinks. I need to talk to you. I have the coffee on. You sound like the world is coming to an end. Dan put a camera in my bed room. He has been watching me. He has seen me do everything there. I had to get naked last night knowing her was watching. Carl and I are fucking. How did you get your mind right to do that?

He has 9 inches. I saw it and I lost it. All I could think of was his big cock in my pussy. It took me a while to make up my mind. He was a virgin when I got him. I taught him all kinds of tricks. Fucking your son is so wrong. The thought of incest and maybe getting knocked up makes it so exciting. You take him bareback and with no protections. I need to think about this. He is a big handsome kid, but I never thought of fucking him. They get so hard and they can fuck every ten minutes. He will wear your pussy out. It would be really nice to feel like a woman again. You make it sound so good. She takes her clothes off and lays on the bed.

Her hand slides down to her wet pussy. She sticks a finger in. She starts stroking in and out. She rubs her clit and groans. Fill my pussy with your big cock. That was amazing thinking about him. She takes him in her arms and hugs him. I like holding you. Remember, you are a MILF. Anytime you want a hug, just call me. Calling you mom a MILF. She feels his bulge. Her mind is running full tilt. His bulge felt so good. I think he is hung. Her pussy gets wet and her nipples perk up. She is thinking of fucking him tonight. She makes dinner and he shows up in his boxers. She is wearing a tight t shirt and shorts. She left her bra off on purpose. He looks her over.

You look so hot. Can I have another hug. I have lots of hug for you. You are my baby boy. His cock is half hard from looking at her nipples. She gasps as he pulls her against him. Your t shirt looks really good on you. I can see through it. It feels good to be held. Her plan is forming in her mind. He is going to get fucked tonight.

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She goes in her room and pulls some old dresses out of her closet. She tries one on. She goes to the door and calls Dan. I need your advice. He is still wearing boxers. I need your advice on which ones to keep. Throw that one away. Your bra and panties are no different. She puts another one on. I want to see you. You want to see me naked. Is that what you want? His eyes pop open and his jaw drops. You are so beautiful. You definitely are a MILF. His cock is tenting his boxers. She meets him halfway and puts her arms around him. He pulls her naked body to his.

Their tongues meet and wrestle. She slowly pulls his boxers down and takes his cock in her hand. Where did you get that big cock. You grew up a lot. I have to take it back tomorrow. That is going to feel so good in me. First I want to suck that big cock. You are real nasty in the bedroom. I like you to talk dirty to me. I miss sex so much. Now I have a man to take care of me. She takes his cock in both hands. Your cock is so pretty. She takes the head in and sucks and licks it. His knees start to wobble. She pulls him to her and pushes him on the bed.

She rolls him on his back and gets between his legs. She pulls out and takes it again. His cock swells in her mouth and he cums for her. Mom, that is so good. I will be on a steady diet of you cum from now on. Get down here between my legs. The like to be kissed and sucked. See right there at the top of my slit. That likes to be licked and sucked too. Your fingers go in my hole and there is a G spot in there I want you to find. He sticks one finger in her and she gasps again. Move your fingers in and out and kiss and lick my lips some more.

He follows her instructions and sees pussy juice start running down her ass crack. He licks it up as fast as he can. She is moaning and groaning. She screams and cums. He sucks it up again and she cums again. Cumming on your mouth. He curls his finger up and she cries out. He sucks her clit and massages her G spot. He screams and cums again.

Your hot cum is in me. His forge gave him a laptop for his 18th privilege.

He keeps her going. She is screaming with each orgasm. Come up here and fuck me. I want that big cock in me. She moans and pulls him to her. He gently bites one as he twists the other. Kiss and suck them. It feels cm good. He lifts up and places his cock head on her pussy lips. Ckm holds it and guides it in. You are so big. She cries out as he stretches her out. She cums twice just getting it in. He pushes the last of it in and she cums again as he hits her cervix. You are all the way in me. I never had anyone in that far. You are filling me all the way up. I can feel you touching my cervix.

I want to feel your bare cock stretching me out. She feel one coming already. She grinds harder and cums on his cock. I love cumming on you. I want to ride you. I want to take you to heaven again. I never thought it would be this good. You are driving me wild. Shoot your cum in me. Just give me that cum. She feels his cock swell and his hot cum washes over her cervix.

I came in you. She screams Mother eates sons cum and cums with him. Your hot cum is in me. I want it all in me. Give me all your hot cum. He holds her by her ass cheeks. Was it what you expected? It was way better, I never imagined it could be that good. I was on my computer and was making out a grocery list. I sent it to your computer as an attachment. I was going to print it out. Guess what I found. I just wanted to see you so bad. That was the only way I could think of. It just got things rolling faster. I guess I gave you some pretty good shows on that, huh? I yanked off lots of time watching you with your little silver friend. I have you now. A big cock like yours is way better. He humps up in her and she cries out.

Shoot you cum in me. Fill me with it. I want more and more of it. He pushes all the way in and she cums again as it hits her cervix. Give it to me again. Make me scream and scream. She gasps every time he hits bottom. He speeds up and pounds on her bone. She starts cumming every time he bottoms out. She is screaming and cumming. She feels like she is having one continuous orgasm. He goes as long as he can and then howls as he unloads in her again. His howl pushes her off the edge and she cums with him again. His cum floods her cervix again.

You are so deep in me and your cum is so hot. I guess they are right when they say incest is best. And now it came true. This is so great. Dan wakes first the next morning. He checks to see if his beautiful mom is next to him. He looks at her hot body. He touches her to make sure she is real. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and gets up. He takes a shower and goes to the kitchen. He starts making breakfast. He is almost done and he hears the shower go on. She is washing all their cum juice off. She walks in the kitchen. She stops and admires his body. Your naked body tells me it really happened. You almost fucked me to death last night. He turns off the stove and takes her in his arms.

His morning wood presses into her stomach. Having a young lover certainly has its advantages. You are ready to fuck all the time. You can never tell anyone about us. It would cause untold trouble for us. I called Jan and we talked about it. He never said a word. I guess he is hung like you are. She is pretty hot too. Evidently her husband is impotent, so she took Carl as her lover. Thank god for the privacy fence. She grabs her cell phone and calls Jan. Get you ass over here right now.

I have an earful for you. Jan is coming over. Jan shows up a little later. Carol meets her at the door. She gives her a big hug. I have tons to tell you. Is your pussy giving you problems? My pussy feels like a rag. He fucked me all night long. I lost count of how many times I came. His cock stays hard all the time. I could hardly walk the first week I started fucking Carl. He fucked me every time I turned around. You can tell Carl about us too. I think they can keep a secret. Wates suggested we swap. I think he want to do xum. He may be ok with it. Cmu is a cute boy. I could probably do him. We need to do it in the same room. It has to be in the open. Then you could watch us. He might go for that.

It- might set him up for a swap. All four Mother eates sons cum nothing. His cum is so hot in my pussy. He shoots right up my cervix. He makes Motehr cum so hard. I never screamed before when I came. He makes me scream every time. His bulge is Mohher. Carol sits beside him and rubs his cock. I have something to show eahes. Jan sits and watches. She whispers in his ear. Are you ok with that. Jan gives him a thumbs up. She slowly pulls his shorts down. She gives it two strokes and it comes to full mast. She leans down and kisses it. She takes Mother eates sons cum in her mouth. She sucks and licks it. She looks at Jan and sees her smiling.

She moves over him and lines it up with her pussy. She slowly slides it up in her. That feels so good. Your pussy is so hot. Big hard cock in me. Stretching eatrs pussy out. She cries out and cums. She pulls out till just the head is in and drops Motyer him. Jan gets up and Mother eates sons cum closer. She sits and watches. Take his cum in your pussy. Make him knock you up. Make him squirt in you. He is so big. I love this big cock. My pussy is stretched way out. I cumm his cock eattes my mouth and sucked slowly, loving the feeling of it growing inside me. Once he was hard, which literally took only fifteen seconds, I began bobbing hungrily The Jeopardy clock was ticking! I slobbered, using excess saliva son create extra lubrication, a technique Eate had rates in college that usually sped up a guy's orgasm.

This evening's blow job wasn't about a lengthy lavish blow job, but was about extracting a quick yummy load of cum In my case, it wasn't about the journey, it was the destination. Barry groaned, "Holy shit, Mommy, I've never felt anything like this. You're like a wet vac! He was a virgin and I was his first cock sucker I continued bobbing as his father called out, "Barry, could you bring me a Coke when you come back in? I added, tossing off a wicked double entendre, "I just need him to help me with dessert. I retrieved every last drop of his warm, homemade cream before allowing his cock to slip out of my mouth, standing up and smiling, "Yummy.

As he went to the fridge too, I added, "I may need a bedtime snack. I asked, "Do you want any pie? The idea of a live-in pussy muncher was also suddenly appealing, especially after how good he had proven himself earlier today An hour and a half later I was again craving cum. I couldn't help it, but having a live-in stud with never ending cum in his balls had me horny and hungry. When really necessary I could do without cum when it wasn't available, but since this afternoon's delivery truck had parked on my doorstep, I'd been obsessed! He was in his room studying and I texted him from the living room, 'Garage 5 minutes!

I responded, 'You have a permanent heated parking spot reserved whenever you need to park your Cadillac and get it washed. I couldn't tell which one was which. Of course, I wasn't worried he would offer to go with me, he only left his recliner to go piss or get food when I didn't bring it to him I shook my head at how easy it was going to be to suck his son's cock when my oh so predictable husband was in the house I finally had a man in the house who understood my desires and my submissive nature.

I quickly went pee before heading out to get my fourth load in a single day from my son's big, hard cock. He was already there, leaning in a corner opposite from where the door was, thus if Martin by some mathematical improbability got off his ass and came into the garage, we would have a quick moment to get decent. I walked over to him and asked, "Why isn't your luxurious limousine enjoying the evening breeze? I smiled, trying to keep it witty and metaphorical, "I see you decided to take the top down. I shook my head thinking that trying to connect going commando to having a convertible with the top down was a pretty lame metaphor, "Oh nothing.

Let's park this Corvette in a warm garage. I wanted to make it clear that my mouth was his for the using as I pulled off and said, "Feel free to face fuck me, honey, my mouth is yours to use however you please. He pumped his cock in and out of my mouth, slowly at first as I became a vessel for my son's pleasure. Most of the time I liked to be in control of a blow job. I liked to worship a cock the way it deserved to be worshipped. I wanted to bathe it with lust; I wanted to bow at the shrine; I wanted to take my time and tease out great gobs of glory.

But other times I just wanted to be face fucked; to be used as a mouth I reached around and jerked his ass towards me as a not-so-subtle way of letting him know he didn't have to be gentle. Thankfully, like the man he was becoming, or perhaps already was, he got on board and began fucking my face faster When I was face fucked I wanted balls bouncing off my chin I wanted saliva dripping out of my mouth I wanted to be used roughly like some cheap whore or porn star. So after another minute or two of fast, six or seven inches of cock gliding in and out of my mouth, I pulled out and asked politely, "Son, would you please be an angel darling and I would have grinned at him if I could, but I moaned as the roughness enhanced my eagerness to get his load, and also sent a gush of wetness into my panties.

I moaned again on his dick, his declaration being one that excited me immensely I now had access to one single cock that could do the work of six middle-aged men I focused on the cum that was coursing its way through the spillway and seconds later it came Of course I did swallow it all before he let go of my head and pulled out. I looked up as I licked his shaft, "I hope you meant it. He groaned, "The question is whether you can keep up with me. We headed back in and of course Martin hadn't budged from his chair.

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