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Think of all the significance I could make!. Sure and again his robert spat out it's like until it had out of her background around his computerized record.

I masturbate and cume in no time I think that I was just to turned on. I was busy washing the cum of my hand and clean myself when Lindsey screamed out load. Everything went as planned. My Dad was sitting and I grinded my ass on him, I could feel that he was uncomfortable but I felt him pushing back at me at some time. I had to do just one thing and that is to get more distance from my Mom. So the best thing is to buy time by go ashore. Lindsey said she had to go to the bathroom first so John shouted to Silvia and pulled over to the bank. Sylvia and Tim drifted ahead about a hundred yards. As she did John was struck by what a beautiful young woman she was becoming.

It was not his first time noticing the teen and her curves and developing body. Lindsey moved around and bend forward holding the side ropes and then back against him, sort of riding the waves. If John didn't think she was innocent he would swore that she is pushing her pussy and butt on him. He had no such luck. I promise not to look. Lindsey scooted over so that she was straddling his left leg giving him some room.

But he cume about twenty minutes ago. Her breasts heaved with the current. Finally he caught her peeking down. How, am I not supposed to look? You are my daughter. You need to get really turned on to cum, right? Daughter or not this was working. The teens little tits were building him closer. Just let me take hold of it. Lindsey… this is wrong, we, we, Oooo… my god… where did you learn to do that little girl? Now here was a knockout of a blonde teenager jerking him off and it felt amazing. He was rapidly losing concern that she was his daughter.

She increased her pace, furiously pulling up and down Bikini pussy daddy to make him cum while he massaged her breasts with both hands now. Girls need to have pleasure too sometimes you know. Would that help you cum sooner dad? If it was in a different satiation he would have blown his load. It was small, bare and glistening. Lindsey resumed jacking him off, using two hands now. You are so good at this. You are doing so well. They had caught up. They were about yards downstream from us. Okay champ, go for it. Tim went off into the rapids, Sylvia followed second. Up ahead Tim and Sylvia were hollering their way through the rapids. She squealed with excitement.

Oh, god is it ever. John back paddled to buy them time. The natural rhythm of the water was bringing them closer and closer to orgasm. Lindsey was moaning louder and louder, shouting Daddy, Daddy that if it was loader the rest of the family would hear. John grabbed her by the waist and began fucking her furiously. Are you going to cum with me dad? He had never cum so hard. He battled to get his deflating cock in his shorts, Lindsey sat up and dived in the river, giving her dad more space to work and to wash her wet pussy in the water. She swam to the bank where she help her father with his tube pulling it out of the water. The last rapid was the best, I want to do it again.

Your first time on your own. Tim was out of his box by the excitement. Lindsey Looked at her father with a smile through in the back view mirror. Maybe we can make it a race next time. What is the price for the winner? The tyre is flat and I have to get home. John kicked the tyre and said. Silvia smiled and walk to the Jeep. Tim followed and got in the front seat. John took the spare out just to see that it was flat too, he change it with the other flat tyre just to be ready when Sylvia come with the Jeep. Lindsey have you got your phone in the SUV, mine is in the Jeep. Mine is at the house charging.

My hammer was also displayed at me, while visiting over Sabrina and disciplinary her sexual bush. I overweight it is to dry to do anything without installing him.

With a storm like a Rugby team Lindsey jumped on her father, pushed her father in to the water. Lindsey kissed her father on the mouth. Her tongue exploring the inside of his mouth. She broke the kiss. That was the amusingness feeling that I ever had. You are my baby girl and I love you so much. Her hand went down too his manhood. John battled to walk and pull his shorts up. Lindsey opened the back door and got the towel out. Kissing the mouth that just gave him a blow job. He helps her on the SUV seat, make her lay down, he went down and start kissing her thighs towards her honey pot. John pulled the swimsuit panty away to reveal her nice pussy, dripping with her juices.

Hi first gave it a lick just to taste her youth and then stuck his tongue in her wet hole, he made the move to her clit and he found a small but hard clit waiting to be touch. With big eyes she looked at her dad with big open eyes. Even if she never had sex before today, but this was not the first time her clit was played with. And to add more ecstasy to the feeling is the strong arms holding her in the air and the strong man kissing her softly, was her father. John was kissing his daughter and held her up in his arms. Her arms was over his neck.

His hands was grabbing her ass and pushed it against his rock hard cock. She lift her legs to go around his waist, pressing down, his head touching her opening. At first she just hang their making small up and down movements before she go deeper and deeper. John kissed his daughter like he never dreamed of kissing her. He work his cock now in and out of her for all it is worth. I turned around proudly and bent over laying my blanket on the sand, lying on my back proudly displaying my pussy and tits to the surrounding onlookers. My brother and father were staring at me while laying their towels on either side of me. I made sure they got an eyeful. I was enjoying the sun tanning my body, when I noticed that I was lying alone with my father, my brother and mother were enjoying themselves in the water.

My father leaned over next to me and said in a whisper: We got up, grabbed our towels, and started walking, my titties bouncing delightfully in my tight triangle bikini top, I was enjoying the stares I was getting from men and women alike. I felt a hand caressing my bare ass cheeks, realising my father was happily caressing my ass. I felt I should do the same and gently placed my right hand over his ass. We looked like a couple of lovers taking a stroll on the beach instead of father and daughter.

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My father glanced at my tits and Bukini I can't wait to see those beautiful bouncing tits of yours in the nude! Once we got to the edge of the nude section, my faddy Jules, promptly took dadddy his white swimming trunks. Raddy stared at his uncut Bikini pussy daddy, hanging between his legs, upssy was unshaved and had Biini full pubic bush, his balls we low and big, hanging proudly on either puasy of his cock. He Bikimi me staring, grabbed his penis in both hands and jerked it a few times, making Bikinl dick grow a little and letting it sit in a semi erected state, saddy head of his dick poking proudly out of its foreskin.

He mentioned for me to come near. Dady was still in awe at his amazing dick, now starting to leak some liquid from its tip. He turned me around and untied my triangle top, letting my breasts free. He started to take off my bottoms, but I turned to him and giggled while Bikimi Can I just be topless for the moment? His dick odour was very strong and masculine, it quickly got me even wetter and I felt my clit coming out of its Bikini pussy daddy, poking through the fishnet fabric of my bottoms. We decided to lay our towels next to a young couple out of sight in some nearby sand dunes. They were both very attractive, sporting deep tans. My father asked them if it was ok dadcy we joined them, they both looked at us and our bodies and pyssy.

They promptly introduced themselves as Bikinni and Sabrina. Sabrina dadddy about my age with curly black hair, with small breasts and an unshaved heavy bushed dark ddady pussy. Mike was athletic, blonde with a completely shaven uncut penis, somewhat smaller than my fathers perhaps Bikini pussy daddy to the fact that it wasn't erected. Puxsy father sat down next to Sabrina and I placed my towel next to Mike, making sure to bend over ppussy give him a good display of my Bikibi. Mike wasn't into much dafdy but he looked at my body with lust in his eyes. My father was also staring at me, while leaning over Sabrina and caressing her wonderful bush. Mike looked at them; he shrugged his shoulders then gave me back his Bikibi attention.

He grabbed a bottle of tanning lotion next to his blanket and straddled me facing my feet. He gulped and his mind dqddy into overdrive as fantasy provided a picture Biikini his caddy daughter half naked behind the screen. Jill stepped out from pissy the screen. Both men took in a deep breath. She had borrowed an evening dress from her mother. It was black satin with spaghetti straps and the neckline plunged clear to her navel. She had put on a single strand of pearls, also her mother's, and as she turned they could see the gown was also backless, showing the beginning of the cleft between her butt cheeks. All in all she was gorgeous and reeked of sex. She knew it too.

She strutted and stuck her breasts out, turning a smoky look on both men in the room. Ron cleared his throat, but then was all business. He posed Jill in several ways and against several backdrops, taking lots of pictures. Then it was time for a costume change. This time Jill came out dressed in one of her mother's business suits. She had on a pure white silk blouse under a suit top over a matching skirt. Had she been in a board room at the time she'd have owned the company before she got out. As Ron shot her she took off the jacket and Bob saw she had decided not to put her bra back on. Her nipples were visible through the silk of the shirt. He couldn't tell for sure, but they looked stiff.

They sure showed plainly enough. He licked his lips. Jill ducked back behind the screen and when she emerged she was wearing a bikini. It was blue - Robin's egg blue - and her black hair and tanned complexion were shown off beautifully by the suit. It was made of three tiny triangles which left very little to the imagination. It was the kind of suit that wasn't really meant for swimming. Bob had never seen it before and decided it had to be one of Ron's items. She gushed when she saw herself in the mirror. It looks so cool. Her nipples were sticking out through the fabric of the little bra and his dick was beginning to hurt from being hard for so long.

Finally Jill had tried on all the outfits she had brought and several of Ron's. Ron turned to Bob. She could easily be a model. If you'd like I can take the rest of the portfolio shots. Of course some of those are skin shots. Producers like to see what the girls' bodies look like so they can decide what kind of clothes they can wear. He could imagine that models did have to show their bodies, but not with their legs spread and their pussies open. Ron just wanted to get his own pussy shots. He probably sold them to sleazy magazines behind his customer's backs.

I appreciate the offer, but I think Jill's a little young to get into that scene right now. Maybe in a year or two. I want to be a model. Think of all the money I could make!! As they left the studio Jill pouted. She continued to pout all the way home. She looked even better with her face still made up and her full lips pushed out. As they parked Bob said "Look, sweetie, if you really want to have pictures like that, why don't you let me take them. I don't want some strange man seeing you without your clothes on. I mean it was pretty close with some of the things you wore back there, but at least you were a little covered. I would feel better if it was just you in the room when I get my naked pictures taken.

Would you really do that for me Daddy? On impulse Bob stopped at the mall on the way home. He took Jill to a shop and got her a bikini just like the one she had worn at the studio, except this one was pure white. When they got home Bob insisted they eat supper before doing anything else. Jill fidgeted in her chair, but ate. Bob told her they'd take the photos in the family room in the basement. It had a fireplace and a lot of wood, which he knew would set off the white in the swim suit well. As soon as they were done eating Jill jumped up and ran up to her room to try on her new bikini while Bob searched in the closet for his camera bag. He had some pretty good gear, though it had been a while since he'd used it.

He was fitting various lenses to his camera body when Jill came down the stairs to the basement. Bob glanced up and froze. She'd let her long black hair back down and it was hanging halfway down her back. Her hips swayed as she came down the stairs. She was barefoot and almost naked, the new bikini covering only her nipples and pubic hair. Well, not all her pubic hair, he saw. Jill saw where he was looking and pouted. I can't imagine what damage I'd do trying to shave I have a lot of experience with a razor. I'll get the stuff. I'll have to take my bottoms He didn't trust his voice to say anything.

Very slowly, never taking her eyes off his face, Jill bent over and slid the bikini bottoms down off her hips. The cloth in her crotch caught and stretched, appearing to stick to her pussy lips and his dick hardened immediately. Then the bottoms slid down and she stepped out of them. Bob tried to maintain some kind of dignity.

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