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Sara-Jane Finlay with children, Ryann, 3 leftand Oliver, 4. Studies so far have shown older maternal age on its own is not a risk, says Dr. Article Grpup Below Now she attends regular parent groups, takes the boys to the library each week and runs regularly with a bunch of moms and their strollers. There were few resources that addressed the physical and emotional terrain of parenthood at this stage of life. This has changed me a lot. To many, playgroups and infant library programs are like foreign territory. Last year, she put out the word and received personal essays from older mothers around the globe.

It can also be isolating.

Group Mature moms

She found it in other mothers at a local pre- and post-natal wellness centre, which she started visiting daily for mom and baby yoga and companionship. But for those who have been immersed in careers for several decades and accustomed to Mature moms group routines, the prospect of rocking a colicky baby who suddenly rules the roost can come as a shock. Finlay, a senior administrator at University of Toronto, is close with a group of friends who are, like her, professionals who had kids later. So she decided to assemble first-hand accounts in a soon-to-be published book with the working title 40 Weeks at On Saturday mornings, Finlay and her husband Guy Faulkner, 41, can be seen pushing the stroller to a local diner to meet her folks, so the three generations can share pancakes and family time.

Halpenny, who met her partner when both were in their late 30s, is on solo duty all day and most evenings during the week while he travels for his construction-industry job.

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