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Where Strip Clubs Thrive In Portland, So Does Child Sex Trafficking

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The average age of victims was The youngest was 8. Nearly 17 percent of victims had a child of their own when they were identified. Police say most of the adults working on the streets in Portland started as minors. Most victims are young and vulnerable when they're lured in by pimps and gangs and many become addicts if they weren't already. Each has its own protections in the form of a free-speech clause in the state constitution that makes strip clubs difficult to regulate. Article 1, Section 8 forbids laws "restraining the free expression of opinion, or restricting the right to speak, write or print freely on any subject whatever. Moreover, dancers are considered "contractors" and not required to have permits that would make it easier for police to identify underage victimsThe Oregonian reported.

Curry's case is an example of how strip clubs can be used for the trafficking of minors. All Curry had to do was get her a fake ID and she could dance nude for patrons. Just before Curry's arrest, Stars Cabaret manager Steven Toth was convicted in an unrelated but similar case. Toth turned a blind eye when a year-old girl was being pimped out in Toth's club by Victor Moreno-Hernandez. Toth and Moreno-Hernandez were both convicted and Toth was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Their cases prompted a Stars manager to identify Curry's victim as a minor to police. From left to right: All three were convicted for their role in child trafficking crimes at Stars Cabaret in Beaverton.

Current Stars Cabaret owners -- who are currently fighting the state Liquor Control Commission's proposal to cancel their liquor industryy because of the club's connection to criminal activities -- declined to comment. Charles Lovell of the Portland Police Bureau. If you are a pimp or a sex trafficker, it's a good place to peddle your services. The risk is much lower. How is that different than sex trafficking? People that choose to voluntarily enter the sex trade often have a different lived experiences and needs than people whom are trafficked or coerced into the sex trades. We recognize that the spectrum experience of peoples in the sex trade is widely varied due to factors such as: Many sex workers make a decision to enter and work in the sex industry.

They provide hot meals, hygiene items, and good company to attendees of their Friday night outreach.

The Portland Sex Workers Outreach Coalition is a Portland, Oregon based coalition of social service providers concerned with the safety, dignity, and diversity in needs of those Potrland in the sex industry. Their mission is to promote basic human rights and personal safety for all individuals working in the sex industry. Best Practices Policy Project BPPP is dedicated to supporting organizations and advocates working with sex workers, people in the sex trade and related communities in the United States. We produce materials for policy environments, address research and academic concerns and provide organizations and advocates with technical assistance.

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Poftland have come to use internet tools to verify customer identities — from Google and Facebook to industry-specific sites like Preferred Because of that, tech may be contributing to sez safety and a big decline in prostitution arrests. At Prtland same time, a sustained state and federal-law enforcement crackdown is underway against escort review sites and other third-party platforms where sex workers advertise. In the sex industry, entrepreneurialism and exploitation can be difficult to disentangle. The internet is where traffickers recruit, he says, and on Facebook and other platforms, they look for young, vulnerable women with self-esteem issues.

The most significant tech outfit to be targeted in the antitrafficking campaign is Backpage. Senate resolution holding the company in contempt for refusing to divulge its internal practices for combating sex trafficking.

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On October 6, its CEO was arrested and charged with pimping a minor — because his company accepted seex for ads from underage sex workers. Some Portland advocates for sex workers view the battle against third-party websites as a step in the wrong direction. If Backpage goes dark, it could hamper law-enforcement efforts. As of mid-October, Ujifusa had prosecuted individuals in for misdemeanor prostitution charges, and all but eight of them were buyers. Most of the prosecutions result from sting operations — police post ads for underage providers and arrest customers when they show up. And recent stings have highlighted another uncomfortable intersection between tech and sex:

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