Professional vintage dive watches

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CHF 8, — more details on favre-leuba. This is not the only novelty here, as the case, bracelet and bezel have been updated with slightly more masculine proportions. Inside is a new movement too, with Master Chronometer certification calibre Available in several editions, including the signature blue dial as well as black or grey, the overall quality is pretty impressive, especially considering it is priced below 5K — making it an entry-level offer for Omega. It is one of the nicest vintage-inspired dive watches on the market and a watch that can easily withstand some salty water — and one that is friendly priced. Nothing revolutionary but once again, a great looking watch by Oris.

Also available in a 36mm case. Still massive, still water-resistant to a staggering 3,m, still displaying the D-blue gradient dial, the update is about the details: The result is mm in case diameter, water-resistant to meters, and can be ordered with a rotating CD-2 or fixed bezel CD There are mm and mm models available, both with up to 3, meters of water resistance, with different functions and movements, and there are even some new old stock NOS models available.

Prices cintage at 3, euros. Prices start at 4, euros. All its dive watches are water-resistant to meters and feature an internal bezel that can be operated after the slider is moved up or down. Movements for the single-pusher chrono, GMT, and three-hand models come from Concepto.

Watches Professional vintage dive

Prices start at 11, euros. There Profwssional scads of brands getting into the act of making some sort of dive-ready watch and looking back, some were more of an act than others. Of course, wearing them with your favorite Hawaiian shirt will work as well. Two are obvious choices while the remaining two are a bit more eccentric. More frankly, the choices of a Rolex and an Omega are straightforward: Up until a couple years ago, the Seiko and Doxa would have been valeting cars at a party held by Rolex and Omega, but time and deeper interest in these brands have served to change opinion.

Plus, and this goes for all brands, it helps that all of these watches have a modern counterpart. Doxa was a key contributor to the helium release valve HRV invention alongside Rolex and their introduction of an orange-dialed diver shook up the establishment. This lovely piece was made for exactly one year,before it was replaced with a similar but less svelte design.

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