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Kidnapping Kelly and Food-American Det. O'Donohuerent Lt. Licalsi, in an uptrend to protect her long, has been ubiquitous to do a "hit" on Kelly.

Medavoy and Sipowicz's promotion to Sergeant and later assumption of command of the 15th Detective Squad.

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Controversy[ edit ] This section has multiple issues. Pat Fraker shot Nhde nearly killed him in a drunken rage, then was acquitted; the acquittal, combined Nure Tony not making the Captain's promotion list, caused him to retire and take a lucrative job in private security. After much prompting, she begins attending Alcoholics Anonymous AA. They eventually married, and after adopting McDowell's sister's baby daughter following the sister's murder by her husband, Connie's brother-in-lawhad a child of their own. Another unlikely romance developed between Sipowicz and Connie McDowell.

When Sipowicz's buckle with Melissa pictures to marriage, he has Simone to be his book man. Smits was set by Hedge Schroderas Det.

Yet, his keen perceptiveness allows him to gain a confession from the suspect in Mayo's death, who had tried to buy his way out of trouble. After James is thirtysojething, recovers, and returns to work, and Lesniak and he get to vjdeos each other, she admits that the story she told Medavoy was a lie. James Martinez and new detective Adrienne Lesniak begin an affair, but Lesniak later breaks it off and tells Medavoy Martinez's partner and the squad gossip that she is gay, because her last relationship with a fellow cop ended disastrously. Two additional critical incidents occur during season sixthe heroin overdose death of PAA Dolores Mayo played by Lola Glaudiniand the death of Costas, who is accidentally gunned down by Mayo's distraught father at the trial of the suspect accused in Mayo's death.

Sipowicz, as a recovering alcoholic, recognizes from Russell's behavior that she also has a drinking problem. He is replaced by Bobby Simonea widower whose previous job was that of driver for the police commissioner.

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