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His lips and tongue are the most sensitive part of his body and will give him lots of information about texture, shape and taste. Summary A baby at this stage usually: With familiar people, it is a very sociable age and she will love playing and chatting.

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He also develops a perception of depth and therefore can be afraid of heights and falling. Talk with your doctor or child health nurse if your baby: Time playing on his tummy on the floor will strengthen his back and help him learn to crawl. He is learning about up and down as well as coming and going, and he will love to play games that act these things out. Safety is very important! By 9 months she will be shy with strangers, and for a while she might not even want to be too close to people she knows, such as her grandparents, but this will change. She will listen to you carefully when you speak to her, and she will talk back to you using her babbling sounds.

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She knows this because you have helped her to recognise different feelings by responding to her hunger with food and her loneliness with cuddles, etc. Speech and language A baby at this stage usually: Your baby enjoys making sounds and she knows that she has made them. Understanding A baby at this stage usually: Social and emotional development There are some big emotional and physical developments in your baby that you will notice between 6 and 9 months. She will, during these months, come to recognise the important, familiar people in her world and will become sensitive to strangers.

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