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Couch Bridge Lie on the floor and place your feet hip-width apart on a couch or bench, knees bent between 70 and 90 degrees.

Press into heels and drive hips toward the ceiling. Drop your hips and repeat. Work up to 3 sets of 15 reps. Lateral Step-Up Standing with your right side facing a step bench, hold a 5-pound weight in each hand in front of your thighs.

Step up onto the bench sideways with your right foot and squeeze your glutes for a count of 3, then step down. Repeat for a total of 15 times on each side and work up to 3 sets. Intermediate Moves Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a 5-pound dumbbell in each hand at inner thighs. Bend knees 30 degrees, coming into a shallow squat. Keep your back straight as you bend forward from the hips, lowering weights toward the floor. Squeeze your glutes and slowly stand. Complete 3 sets of That would make me want to not be fucked, but I don't believe it.

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