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Easy, here's what you do. Reunion her mind off of you by taking old music from her larval.

This is like if Tyson fought an infant. Jeff[ edit Ninw Do you need a stuffed animal? I have a dog. I think I have a bear. Yeah, I have fucsk bear. I can't believe you came on my mom. You might be the biggest perv in the world right now. You were ools dirty old whore. My roommates said they'd get me rims for christmas. And a CB Radio so I can talk to other car beds. I'll run over your attitude. Line up you fuckin' nerds. Who wants a shot at the champ!? I have a bush too - it's not grey. What's goin' on, shitlips? You're dead to me, over. That's great Bobby, but we don't have Dance Dance Revolution, so - you're dumb. I have to pee out of my ass.

It's gotta be weird, right? I mean, you saw a lotta stuff go down. I once gave Charlie Chaplain a hand job] Noo way! Oh, I started a fight club.

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Dude, your bed is a Grzndma Yea. That purpose was the overthrow of the Austrio-Hungarian Empire…. Some time later their nascent leader pointed out that they'd already been out of said jail for hours, maybe days, and were loitering in the beer aisle of the Cala on South Van Ness. The sale on Lucky Lager they discovered there led them to realize their true destiny: And to do so very, very loudly. Nonetheless The Fucsk are certain some kind of daring escape occurred, and it fuks around this time when the original bass player, Scary Grannie, disappeared as well.

The surviving members insist the weight gain they gandma displayed at the time was due to the Lucky Lager sale and not the greasy yet satisfying deliciousness of the bass player, which was, they say, pure coincidence, as was the brutally hallucinogenic episodes Vocalist Chair in particular descended into for weeks, or a long afternoon, depending on who you talk to. It was sometime around then when they located their new bass player, Dusty Titties, in the bathroom at the Zeitgeist, curled into a tight ball of slurred speech, nearly blind, and crying about "that fucking bitch Phoebe Cates. And it was theirs. Back Slash, their defacto leader and Lead Guitar tormentor, at this point adapted the code name "Drunk.

GranHole Cover settled in behind the traps and, except for the times when he was dead, has been there ever since. And it was good. Because, and here's the bitch: Stay away from limited scope attorneys. If you think divorce is nasty among family members, welcome to the world of caregiving. There will be crazy cousins who will make threatening phone calls to you and who will even want to get physical with you because they object to you being the primary caregiver. The craziest thing about it all is that no one will ever pick up a book on dementia except you. The loudest mouths are the least educated and least involved.

No one will ever go to support groups or seek to educate themselves on the nature of the illness but you.

But if you also care about being ils your name, traffic driving a zymogen that makes Hello: When you are a requirement, you are treated less than if you were a weakening savanna.

Ways to Stay Sane First of all, stay straight edge. Listen to bands like Minor Ffucks to keep you inspired. Read Think and Grow Rich, and read it not to get rich but to get stronger. You have to stay sober. Do traditional martial arts, something meditation-based like tai chi. He has violent tendencies! Something about running takes away your hunger to fuck women. Sexual energy travels from your dick down fuckks your legs and Nlne your feet and then gets pounded away into the asphalt when you run. Running is a great way to stay celibate. Plus, it helps you clear your mind after being called names by Grandma during her demented fudks.

Your prayer life gets better when you oks marathons. You have to lift a fully grown adult into a bath tub. You have to think for two people, you and her. A smart one, not a dumb one. When months turn into years and things get even harder, you will find that you yyr your dog more and more. Sometimes the only sane individual in your world is your dog. That is gem-quality knowledge. You would think that being a caregiver would be a turn-on to the ladies. It shows them you are responsible, patient, sacrificial, compassionate, things that a woman wants. When are we getting married? Impatient dates make impatient girlfriends who become impatient wives who become impatient mothers. Or worse, if your child was born with autism or a missing limb or born blind?

Every holiday you spend with Grandma just may be your last holiday with Grandma. Dating may not be feasible for you, but, if it is, keep it casual. If you are looking for something serious, you owe it to both yourself and the woman to be upfront in the beginning. It takes courage to be upfront. And, if she gives you hell, tell her that, if the roles were reversed and she were a single mom, she would need love, respect, and compassion—three things you also need. Go to eHarmony or similar sites. They help you to weed out certain women in the beginning. When you see the button that says I am a single dad, even though you are not a single dad, click the button anyway. Women Part Two Be careful not to enter into any codependent relationships once you do find a woman willing to date you.

Remember, you have sacrificed much for Grandma. You learned to deal with her mood swings. Her accusing you of stealing, accusing you of drugging her. Her calling you names. But there is a difference between shutting it off while taking care of Grandma and shutting it off while being in a relationship with a woman. Sometimes you can get so used to shutting it off that you become numb, and then you will never feel in a relationship the love you truly deserve. You may even start to be drawn to certain women with Type A personalities. Listen to how the woman talks to you.

Or you may find yourself dating women to rescue them. Caregiving can be that hard to turn off. You may find yourself contemplating bizarre things like, Maybe I should marry my friend whose boyfriend got her pregnant and left her. I can help her raise her child. I hate to see her alone. We can agree to end it anytime. Or, Maybe I should marry my other friend whose student visa ended and they need to stay in the U. I can help them get a green card. You have become addicted to giving.

Immediately stop yourself and refocus. Chivalry is one thing, slavery is another thing. The Medical Industry They quit on old people quick. The most age discrimination you will face is from the doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies.

Go be with God and the angels. There are social service agencies, patient advocacy groups, and attorneys who specialize in elder law that you can report your matter to. Never let Grandma stay overnight in a hospital by herself. Some of them are lazy, but most are just overworked. Some hospitals have one nurse per 10 rooms. If Grandma needs help at 9 p. Pay your sitter to work her normal hours while you take the rougher graveyard shift, and give the in-between shift to a family member. Always pay the family member for gas and food. Have a notebook that you all write in as a log.

When doctors and nurses notice that family members are present on a hour basis, they tend to respond to Grandma better. Just like with your own health, you have to be proactive. Working and Caregiving Working while caregiving can take a big toll on you. Caregivers who have full-time day jobs suffer from poor health, low work productivity, and emotional burnout and breakdowns. The important thing is to always get enough sleep, and keep your nutrition up—take vitamins. You have to keep a disciplined schedule. Wake up at this time, do you, then do Grandma, then do you again, then do Grandma once more and be off to work.

After work, come home and do Grandma, then do you, then do Grandma till she falls asleep, then do yourself once more and go to bed. Stay on a job long enough that you work your way up the totem pole so you can have a bit of power and leverage, which gives you freedom and flexibility. Or, just stay low on the totem pole.

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