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Café Discussions on Oral Sex, Oral Cancer, and HPV Infection: Summative Report

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The non-reciprocal oral sex; the expectations that boys had and that girls would comply with; a hook-up culture in which dating and caring were the last step rather than the first step. The anesthetizing against caring really threw me for a loop.

I was seeing it with year-olds. It was how they were starting their intimate lives. But the young women felt they were getting someone out of it. Yes, there is a way hook ups are serving young women.

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And it was important for me to always talk about how behaviours were serving girls, not just making them the victims. What are girls getting out of non-reciprocal oral sex? Popularity, a way to go further without intercourse. They felt it was a form of power; they felt in control temporarily. Whereas when oral sex was performed on them they felt vulnerable. You found young women extremely judgmental about their genitals. There was this weird duality: And the culture reinforces that. So girls who are already pretty conscious and made to feel insecure are made more so.

Now all girls over age 14 remove pubic hair. The only touching is to remove hair. Girls are removing pubic hair before fully having it. We stopped shaving arms and legs in the 20s due to fashion. The next piece is a big spike in labiaplasty, the surgical trimming of the labia. The ideal result is the clamshell which looks like a Barbie doll, which is a plastic; b has no vagina and c has nothing to do with sexual function. Did young women sense they were being shortchanged sexually? Abstract Recent emphasis has been placed on the potential links between oral sex, HPV infection, and oral cancer development.

The Cafes gathered panels of experts on oral pathology, dentistry, oncology, social Discussion on oral sex, and community-based research who interacted with an audience of policy makers, health care administrators, sociologists, sexologists, pharmacists, clinical and social researchers, social workers, technicians, and graduate, undergraduate, and high school students. This commentary summarizes the main points swx during these two events to encourage a worldwide open dialogue about potential risks for oral cancer beyond tobacco smoking and excessive alcohol consumption as such malignancies have high mortality and morbidity, but are yet preventable diseases.

Oral cancer significantly impacts quality of life, physically and psychosocially, and the genetic links between some types of oral-pharyngeal carcinomas and ano-genital malignancies have been established via the human papillomavirus HPVparticularly the strains 16 and Discusaion as Discussioon by Herrero et al. Since HPV 16 is the most Discusion strain in ano-genital carcinomas, its transmission to the Disscussion region can occur through Discussion on oral sex mouth, especially during oral sex in sexually active individuals Scully, Such assertive supposition, however, does not exist without controversy among both scientific and lay communities Brondani, The Cafes gathered highly experienced presenters with backgrounds in oral pathology, dentistry, oncology, social work, and community-based research who shared their ideas with the public on October 31 1 and on November 20, Incidence, morbidity, risk factors, individuals at higher risk, and screening programs were highlighted.

Within this area, the following topics were discussed: Current understanding of the triad HPV-oral sex-oral cancer from a community perspective was explored through the results from a provocative pilot study on the values and beliefs men and women hold in regards to this triad. The role of community based approaches in understanding sexual behavior. This area led to the discussion of oral sexual behavior in regards to HPV transmission and oral cancer development. After that, presenters promoted a discussion to engage the audience on the issues above.

The goal of the Cafes was to bring together researchers, clinicians, and the public into a free conversation. In total, one oral pathologist, two general dentists, one oncologist, two social workers, and one community-based researcher participated as speakers to an audience of 67 participants in the two Cafes. Attendees included social workers, policy makers, health care administrators, sociologists, sexologists, pharmacists, technicians, clinical and social researchers, graduate students, undergraduate students, and high school students.

It also stressed the need in fostering dialogue about the potential role of oral HPV infection to the health of individuals of all sexual orientations. Table 1 outlines the main issues highlighted by the presenters and the attendees. Table 1 Amalgamating scientific and lay knowledge in regards to oral sex, HPV infection, and oral cancer development HPV is the most frequent and common sexually transmitted infections worldwide HPV is transmitted by skin and mucosal contact There are more than different strains of HPV according to some studies One of the common clinical manifestations of HPV is a skin wart caused by HPV 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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The majority will orxl asymptomatic, but infectious Most of HPV infections se resolve spontaneously, but it is unknown if the virus is eliminated completely or just suppressed More than 40 types of HPV can be isolated in Discussion on oral sex mouth and genital Discussio concomitantly e. In British Columbia, 6 cases of anal cancer in men are diagnosed every year Oral sex appears to be a potential venue for HPV transmission even though it is difficult to prove Oral sex is defined as an intimate contact of teeth, gums, lips, and tongue with genital vagina, scrotum, penisgroin, and anal area Some oral cancers oropharyngeal area have been associated with HPV infection HPV 16 and 18 are risk factors for the development of oral cancer, the same strain associated with ano-genital malignancies Between 12, and 15, cases of oral cancer are diagnosed every year in the U.

Of a sample of the participants of Malacard's study who were aged 18 to 25, many had only one sexual partner after becoming sexually active. And 25 per cent of participants had not engaged in any sexual activity at all. Malacad says that the media sends mixed messages to teenage girls about sexuality. On the one hand, young women are criticized for being oversexualized, and on the other, they are encouraged to freely express their sexuality. She refers to Kim Catrall's character Samantha in the Sex and the City television series, a woman who was strong, independent, empowered and who very sexually aggressive, as being a role model for women to be accepted as sexual beings.

This mainstreaming of oral sex is a change in the tide of sexual behaviour; it also means that sex educators need to catch up to the trends, noted Malacad. With many young people still ignorant to the fact that sexually transmitted infections can just as easily be passed orally, a whole new topic of discussion needs to appear in the safer sex curriculum delivered to students.

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