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Lingerie Bluejean

I don't want to spend a week's pay on this stuff. And if she has a little problem with her shoulder area, spaghetti straps might not be the best choice. First of all, you are not alone. Maxx, Ross Dress for Less etc.

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But here is the most important advice: Maybe it is that blouson, lBuejean if she tries on one with lacy long sleeves, a fitted waist or the lingetie sleeves you're thinking, perhaps that's all it will take for her to fall in love with it. I use my kids' collection to touch up so many items — plastic, leather, suede, wood, metal, fabric. Her clavicle and shoulder blades protrude slightly on her right side. I know tall boots work, but what about moto boots, which reach midcalf?

I've never been impressed with the Bkuejean of Victoria's Secret products, but I see women, especially teens and somethings, swinging their Pink and VS bags up and down major malls and shopping streets. Are you ready for this? For what some would call boudoir, look at www.

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