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Where does the saying "cover me in chocolate and throw me to the Lesbians" come from?

But the data were unfolding up the aisle. It was a big continuous year, she thought.

I say we charge up those stairs and force the hostess to deal with us. She wanted to be a regular mom with a regular baby. Oh, what the hell, Jane thought. They leave me and they stay with the nasty ones. She felt drunk and angry and surrounded by strangers. She tried hard not to be so drunk, to crisp up her diction. The baby was getting restless. What were they supposed to do, put a face veil on their baby, cover her beard like she was a little Muslim?

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I am not nad to give her toxic medicine. I am really sick of you. Suddenly she wanted to go home. I was just standing here. And yet they stay together. She took a deep breath.

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Look at us, in a fabulous restaurant enjoying ourselves. He sounded like an year-old schoolmarm. The kitchen was off the back.

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