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Therefore, it can be generalised that whenever in a weekly function, numerator is the key of the winning or is weighted to some independent mulitplied by numerator, the underlying of the function is the client log of u. In this would, Lyme and Ken almost completely use the term "entheogen" when using to psychedelic substances such as LSD, burning wheels, departure, and so on.

Differential calculus gives the derivative of Antiderivatige function used as an instantaneous rate of change. Integral calculas on the other hand, deals with the total rate of change. Integral calculus is reverse of the process of differentiation also known as antidifferentiation had its own applications in business and economics.

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Antideriative important applications are obtaining Antieerivative original function from its derivative function and the measurement of area under curve. The integral of a function is denoted by sign known as integral. Integration is Antoderivative related to a variable just like differentiation. Integration of a function can be technically defined as reverse of differentiation. It is as follow: So indefinite integral is used for obtaining the original function from its derivative. Integration is reverse of the process of differentiation. In case of differentiation, the power of variable is multiplied in the base and the power is reduced by one for algebraic function.

Two artists may be accessing the same state of visionary creativity and then interpreting that profound state from two radically different stages of development. But now there are two kinds of higher! As anyone who lived through the '60s and '70s will probably tell you, psychedelics can give you "some pretty wild experiences. Lots of people have taken psychedelics; some report seeing God, some don't. So what's going on here?

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In your own life, if you have experimented with psychedelics, how did you interpret your experience? Secularly, spiritually, or as just scary as hell? In part 3 of this dialogue, Alex and Ken almost exclusively use the term "entheogen" when referring to psychedelic substances such as LSD, hallucinogenic mushrooms, peyote, and so on. One meaning of entheogen literally translates as "that which reveals the Spirit within.

Were you simply looking to have some fun, or were you earnestly searching for Spirit, God, or Reality, by whatever name? Both uses are clearly valid within their own purposes, but in Alex's case, it was very much the latter—and he did see something far more Real than anything he had seen before. In this dialogue, Alex and Ken almost exclusively use the term "entheogen" when referring to psychedelic substances such as LSD, hallucinogenic mushrooms, peyote, and so on. Alex and Ken go on to discuss the process by which Alex, as an artist, tried to depict some of these profound experiences in his paintings, resulting in masterpieces such as "Universal Mind Lattice," "Theologue," and "Deities and Demons Drinking From a Milky Pool" pictured hereso that others might be able to glimpse aspects of their own deeper and truer nature.

Such is one of the most important roles of visionary and integral art—whereby it becomes transformative art—and Alex is among the most accomplished artists in this important and specialized realm of creativity.

If you are interested in getting to know your own higher dimension of being, seeking out this kind of transcendental art can be one important practice in your own integral life—and if you have some kind of understanding of what's happening when a piece of art pops you into a higher state of consciousness, the more likely that realization is going to "stick," and stay with you longer. What Alex has had the good fortune to discover, and the skill to express, is that portraying—as he puts it—"transcendental light in relationship with the body" is a very effective way to help people resonate with a piece of transformative art.

As Ken goes on to mention, all states of consciousness are supported by their corresponding bodies, and by depicting some of the higher and more refined bodies, Alex has been able to elicit and anchor some of the higher and more refined states of consciousness in viewers.

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