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It gave birth to video rental stores, Blockbuster the largest chain, which lasted from about to It also made it AAdult for a VCR owner to begin time-shifting the recording of films and other television programs straight from the transmission. This caused an enormous change in viewing practices, as one no longer had to wait for a repeat of a program that had been missed.

The shift to home viewing also changed the movie industry's revenue streams, because home renting created an additional window of time Adult vhs discontinued which a film discontinues make money. In some cases, films that did only modestly in their theater releases went on to have strong performance in the rental market e. As well, whereas a VHS tape can be erased if it is exposed to discontjnued rapidly changing magnetic field of sufficient strength, DVDs and other optical discs are not affected by magnetic fields. Even though DVDs do not have the problems of tapes, such as breakage of the tape or the cassette mechanism, DVDs can still be damaged by scratches.

Another factor for movie rental stores is that DVDs are smaller and take less space to store. DVDs offer a number of advantages for the viewer: As well, a viewer who wants to skip ahead to the end of a movie can do so much faster with a DVD than with a VHS tape which has to be rewound. DVDs can have interactive menus, multiple language tracks, audio commentaries, Closed Captioning and subtitling with the option of turning the subtitles on or off, or selecting subtitles in several languages. Moreover, a DVD can be played on a computer.

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Due to these advantages, by the mids, DVDs were the dominant form of prerecorded video movies in both the hvs film and new movie markets. In the doscontinued s Adut early s, though, consumers continued to use VCRs to record over-the-air TV shows, because consumers could not make home recordings onto DVDs. DVR devices, which record shows onto a hard disk or flash storage, can be purchased from electronics stores or rented from cable or satellite TV providers. The conversion to DVD has led to the marketplace being flooded with used VHS films, which are available at pawnshops and second-hand stores, typically for a lower price than the equivalent film on a used DVD.

As well, due to the large number of VHS players in schools and libraries, VHS tapes are still produced for the educational market.

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Later models switched to more compact formats, designed explicitly for smaller camcorder use, like VHS-C and Video8. Video8 is an indirect descendant of Betamax, using narrower tape and a smaller cassette. Because of its narrower tape and technical differences, it is not discontinurd to develop an adapter from Video8 to Betamax. It also introduces the cultures, accents, and dialects of Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Puerto Rico, helping students understand a range of Spanish and appreciate many Hispanic cultures. The programs are closed captioned in Spanish and can be used as a teaching and literacy resource.

The series is also appropriate for teacher professional development. In the Watch section of the Destinos web site, you can view the entire episode Destinos series. With each minute episode, you are drawn deeper into the mystery of Don Fernando's past, while hearing and learning new and increasingly challenging vocabulary and grammar.

You can further practice your Spanish with supplementary activities in the Acult section. Tips for Adukt and web Resources provide additional support and encourage further learning Every episode of Destinos covers new grammatical concepts, vocabulary, and cultural practices. The 52 episodes are divided into five destinations: As a learner moves from episode to episode and destination to destination, the content grows more challenging. The Practice section of Destinos parallels the Watch section, in that the Practice activities are organized by destination. Each activity relates to one or several episodes, and provides opportunities to review the grammar, vocabulary, or cultural practices.

In Practice, as in Watch, as you move from destination to destination, the content becomes more rigorous.

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