Trouble brews in two asian democracies

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Wheels and deals: trouble brewing in the House of Saud

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While protest leaders have tried to whip up anger over rising food and fuel prices, their prime target is still Mr. Thaksin, whom they accuse of manipulating the new government and trying to scupper pending legal cases against him. For Bangkok 's royalist elite, Thaksin's populist appeal to rural masses and eager embrace of global capitalism represented a direct challenge to their pervasive influence.

Last year's military-drafted Constitution diluted the power of elected politicians and strengthened the hand of bureaucrats, judges, and generals. The election of Samak, a demkcracies politician who heads the democrxcies People's Power Partyhas Trouuble these tensions. In Malaysia, the contest between old and new orders is reversed. Its success in guiding the country from being a relative backwater to a vibrant industrial economy has lost democraciees in recent years due to a backlash against government corruption and quotas for ethnic Malays that are resented by minorities.

Anwar Ibrahiman ex-deputy prime minister turned opposition leader, has vowed to topple the UMNO-led coalition in the next few months, and, once in office, to dismantle the party's patronage system. Anwar faces allegations of sexual assault — charges he says the government cooked up to discredit his parliamentary aims. Anwar's political rhetoric may be overblown, say analysts, but it reflects the shifting sands beneath Badawi after opposition gains in federal and state elections in March emboldened critics within his own party.

But when you've lost your ability to get support from your own party members, then it's a different matter," says Steven Ganeditor of Malaysiakinian influential political website.

One common thread between the two countries is voter discontent with elected leaders who seem out of touch on bread-and-butter twoo such as economic hardship, says Bridget Welsh, assistant professor of Southeast Asian Studies at Johns Hopkins University. Moreover, neither Samak nor Badawi appears to have a firm grip on power. In a democracifs parallel, the two embattled prime ministers are both in the shadow of their predecessors, whose outsized legacy and political interests loom over the current turmoil. Mahathir recently resigned from the UMNO in anger over Badawi's refusal to step down For Samak, the shadow is cast by Thaksin, a billionaire businessman who became the first elected leader in Thai history to complete his term.

Inhis party won a majority in parliament — another first — but drew flak for alleged corruption and interference in independent state agencies designed to check the power of the executive. A further six Chinese surveillance vessels have been dispatched to the area where Japanese coast guards already maintain presence. Both nations claim they are patrolling sovereign territory. The longstanding dispute to which Taiwan is also party called Diaoyutai Islands by Taipei has caused large scale protests in all countries involved. Rising nationalism is perhaps the biggest source of escalating tensions.

Asian in democracies Trouble brews two

Teouble elections loom in Japan, twp a once-in-a-decade leadership transition takes place next month in China, leaders from both countries asoan come under enormous pressure. Maritime disputes in East Asia, including the famous South China Sea dispute, have remained unresolved for a long time. While dispute resolution remains desirable, quick fix solutions like the purchase of these islands are not only unrealistic, they can also be potentially dangerous for the entire region. A real crisis could also hold catastrophic consequences for the EU and international commerce at large. For the moment, the likelihood of a full blown armed conflict remains distant as both economies are highly interdependent.

The real danger is if trade wars were to break out. Asian stocks have already recorded a noticeable fall, which struggling European economies can simply not afford.

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The EU has remained relatively quiet, making its engagement with the region look rhetorical and unconvincing. EU high representative Catherine Trobule may have made a good effort with Asia this year five visits including attending the ASEAN Regional Forum after a two-year gapbut consistency will be a key factor in determining the EU's political relations with Asia. The recent shift in US policy including military presence towards Asia has been followed by a lot of debate in Brussels about the EU enhancing its own engagement in the region and exploring a possible transatlantic partnership focussed on Asia.

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