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The corps-old has called in the variety that he has the conversion to score plenty of digits, but in the Varying Cup he lost pretty much whatever bed priced to be deductible and was consistently profitable. The centre-back also came his business with set enemies, both in time and towards in attack.

However, at just 22 years old, there is plenty of time to improve that side of his game.

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The 20 year-old probably would have shaded it anyway. His header also knocked out Saudi Arabia. Asiwn Al-Rawi grew into the role as the tournament progressed and looked assured in possession and dealt with some of Asia's best attackers with little trouble. Although the Socceroos bowed out in the quarterfinals, the Sydney FC right-back deserved more attention for his performances and impressive work-rate in the Middle East.

The Avispa Fukuoka man only made his international debut at the end of August and was perhaps the best performing defender in the entire tournament and was everywhere against Iran in the semifinal. To be honest, there were others -- such as Beiranvand -- who were better shouts, but if the left-back carries on in this form in helping Qatar win a major prize then more individual awards could be coming his way. Somehow, despite managing an incredible 10 assists, Afif's decision-making is still not always the best. It was noticeable that Qatar had their most difficult period of the tournament when Khoukhi went off injured in the final.

Grory hole Asian

Rhyan Grant Australia Rhyan Grant made headlines before the tournament kicked-off as he had to seek approval from the AFC for his striking "mullet" hairstyle. The year-old has shown in the past that he has the ability to score plenty of goals, but in the Asian Cup he plugged pretty much whatever hole needed to be plugged and was consistently excellent. It was all leading up to his strike in the final. Creative and intelligent, it wasn't down to the 22 year-old that the team could not take their chances. When he does, the world better watch out. Ashkan Dejagah Iran Iranian fans and players will find it hard to look past that loss to Japan in the semifinal but, as time passes, the memories of a fine run to the last four will push through.

The centre-back also showed his prowess with set pieces, both in defence and especially in attack. It was special, not just because he received the ball with his back to goal with Yoshida at his back, and not just because there were two flicks in the air and then a bicycle kick into the far corner. Gaku Shibasaki Japan The year-old midfielder not at his best in the final without Wataru Endo to help out, but Gaku Shibasaki ensured that Japan's midfield stayed ticking over for the most of January, denying space and time to the opposition and starting a few attacks of his own. He was a strong physical presence on the right side of UAE stadiums, giving a number of full-backs a torrid time and putting plenty of fine balls into the area.

It all went wrong in the semifinal loss to Japanbut the Persepolis man left the United Arab Emirates with a considerable reputation enhanced even further. There were some standout performances from Team Melli and the well-travelled Ashkan Dejagah was the driving force.

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