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He pisz right on his ass. Don't be such an ass. That asshole called me ugly! We covered the bodily functions with the first two, and now we're onto blasphemy. It's interesting to think of how the meaning of hell has evolved over time.

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Though the details are highly debated by theologians and internet trolls alike, the basic meaning of Hell in the Christian faith is Dirtt place or state of eternal suffering and separation from God. As a swear word, however, hell has many more meanings. For some reason, it's a relatively mild expletive, so you're likely to hear it crop up fairly often. Who in the hell do you think you are? What the hell is going on here? Middle English, from Old French dam p ner, from Latin dam p nare "to inflict loss on," from damnum "loss, damage. And what are you once you're there?

You're damned, of course. You can understand why damning someone to Hell—in other words, wishing them to suffer great pain and agony for the rest of eternity—is a pretty insulting thing to say.

However, much like hell, damn is not a very strong or harsh swear word compared to others. Damn it to Hell! Damn, I forgot my keys. Oh, damn it, I'm late again.

Old English bicce, of Germanic origin. The Old English bicce comes from even older wordx words that all mean the Dirty words piss thing: Plss word bitch still does mean "female dog" and is used in its literal sense in many different animal-related contexts. However, it has also evolved piiss an insulting term used to refer to an unpleasant woman. Bitch used to be one of the most insulting things to call a Dirtj, after all, the implications of saying someone pss behaving like "a bitch in heat. This pisz did not fly in the more conservative societies of days past. Today, however, bitch has a wide variety of meanings, some of which actually have positive connotations.

She was being so rude to me. She's such a bitch. Quit your bitching and get your work done. Bad bitches like me are hard to come by. Bitches get stuff done! Early 16th century, of Germanic origin compare with Swedish dialect focka and Dutch dialect fokkelen ; possibly from an Indo-European root meaning "strike," shared by Latin pungus, meaning "fist. Well, one of the big ones. The other big ones were a bit too big for us to put in print. In modern speech and writing, the word fuck is almost as offensive as you can get. Of course, that doesn't stop most people from using it creatively on a regular basis, but it does keep this word contained to HBO dramas about medieval warfare and albums labeled "Explicit.

Isn't it interesting that in today's world, it's more offensive to refer to copulation in a vulgar way than it is to wish eternal damnation on someone? I personally think our priorities are a bit out of whack on this one, but alas, I don't make the rules. What the fuck are you doing? I stubbed my toe! I'm so fucking tired. That is fucked up.

Piss Dirty words

Conclusion I hope you feel like as much of a rebel reading these swear words as I did while writing them. Can you believe I got paid to do this? I love my job. We're scoundrels, all of us! Don't forget to join the fun next week when we scooch forward in time a bit to look at expletives and obscenity laws. Being born and raised in West Virginia has exposed your author to various ethnic slurs about those who live among the Appalachian Mountains. Unlike the highly tender ears of members of the NAACP and other groups, he is not offended or insulted by this type of remarks. The Pharisees regularly tried to insult Christ with remarks about his home town [ John 7: They didn't faze Him. Neither does it bother your author to be called a "hillbilly, " "hick, " "yokel, " "white trash, " "inbred, " etc.

When times get hard in this country, and they definitely will, these sophisticated "city-slickers" will be asking us undignified and unlearned hillbillies how to survive. As the Scriptures say, "But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant" [ 1Cor. The Greatest "Hate Speech" Of All There are three words that can be spoken that are the most hated and despised words as far as the world is concerned that can be uttered by any man. They diametrically oppose everything the world stands for and strives for. They are such great words of intolerance that highly trained "doctors" deem those who repeat them [and worst of all believe them] as mentally unstable and severe non-conformists in need of "therapy.

The same hated words will cause him to be imprisoned in others. Yet the Lord sends His people out to speak these words, in fact, to shout them from housetops. He sends them as sheep among wolves to proclaim the eternal truths encompassed in these words so others can join them in partaking in the precious promises belief in them provides. What are these words you ask? What are the three words that the world and the Devil hates more than any other? The world will tolerate Christ being "a way" to God because this allows there to be other ways, but it will never tolerate one who insists Christ is the ONLY way to God.

To it this is bigoted, narrow-minded hate speech of the highest order. Among the "religious" one will hear references to "God" regularly. They will say "God this" and "God that. The problem is one doesn't know who or what they are talking about. Who is this god of the media, sports stars, and politicians? This generic god can be anything from nature, self, even Satan. To Shirley McClain, Dione Warwick, and other "new agers, " "God" is some kind of pantheistic force that encompasses the whole universe. Again, when somebody speaks of "God, " you don't know what they are talking about.

Much the same can be said about the term "Christian. To the majority of the people of the world when they hear the word they think of the pope and the Roman Catholic Church. They think that kook in Rome is the epitome of a "Christian. Type the word "Christian" in a search engine [Google] and what comes up first? The "Christian Science Monitor. Another group who uses the term Christian is the, "Southern Christian Leadership Conference" which is nothing more than a political [some say communist] organization designed to "achieve social, economic, and political justice. Martain Luther King Jr. Jackson was a member. Jackson, the year after he was "ordained" a Baptist minister [], told Life magizine, that when he worked as a waiter in a Greenville, South Carolina restaurant, he would spit into the soups and salads of white customers.

He said, "[Spitting into the food] gave me a psychological gratification.

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