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He is very sahring slidingitinandoutof Pussy sharing story wife pussy. Once again the guys are all excited and commentingon theaction. Tom and Bill where making my pussy feel so good, and I could hear the others talk about how good my pussy looked when wive was getting fucked. How much they wantedto replace the toy with their own cocks. The show off in me was lovingallthis. And Billwas doing an awesome job with the rubber cock, stuffingitall the way in andslowly pulling it out. When it was out he would rub my lips up anddown with it. Storyy was rubbing my clit, I wantedto cum. Again I found myself thrustingmy pussy into the toys. I thought theguys must be loving this show. Zharing the hands returned to my breasts, two per breast.

Then the lips where again sucking suaring my nipples. God this was feeling good. I was feeling great, my pussy,clit,breasts,and nipples all beingsimulatedat one time. The guys were all being Pussy sharing story wife gentle and soft. I thought to myself this is awesome, hubbyis showingmeoff to his friends, andI was showingmyself off to four other men. It was not like I was a slut and was fucking them andsucking on their cocks. It was more like going to the salon and instead of having one massager I had five, andthey were working on my must sensitive parts. I was enjoying the moment andkeep thinking how I must look. Naked on my back legs spread wide open on our pool table,five men standingaroundme.

Husband sliding a dildo into my pussy while his friends are lickingandsuckingon my nipples andanother messaging my clit with one of my toys. I neverthought inmy wildest fantasies of thesehappening. I awoke from my dream like state to the guys changing places. I looked up andTom was now on my left breast andJeff took over the little vibratoron my clit. Billwas still slidingthe cock shaped dildo in andouton my verywet pussy. Dan was busy sucking on my rock hard nipple on my right side. Now was my chance, I glanced to my right and left, Tom was the one with the big cock it turns out, and Dan the small cock.

I was going to get my chance to play with Tom's cock. I thought for a minute, dam I cannot grabTom's bigcock andnot Dan's smaller one, it may offend Dan. Ok what the hell I reached out andgrabbed both of their cocks. I as I slowly started to stroke both of their cocks, there was an uproar of excitement. I had not touched another man's cock intwelve years, now I had one in each hand. Tom and Danwherejust moaningas they sucked on my nipples andI squeezed there cocks in my hand. Mike, who had just been softly rubbing my legs andstomach said" dam all she needs now is a cock in her pussy andoneinhermouth" And I thought like that will ever happen! I was lost in space to say, all my senses going insane.

I could feel that Dan's cock was throbbinginmy hand. WowI'm getting this guy off I can't believe it, a cock in my hand, not my hubby's andit is getting ready to shoot its load out.

As I was thinking this Tom straitened up and came all over my right breast. He may have a smaller cock, but his load was huge. It more than covered my breast and half my stomach. Againthe guys all yelled with Dan backed away after shooting his awesome load,andwhatI thought was Mike took his place. He was rubbing the Dan's allovermy breast,makingit very slippery. He squeezed and pulled on my nipplecover incum. Then he started lickingandsuckingmy cum covered nipple. Thatpushedoddlyenough even closer to a climax, one man cleaning up another's cum off my tittie.

Now I can feel Tom monster cock throbbingin my left hand. Wow I thought I have gotten two different cocks off in one night. Tom then straitened up andunloaded his big cock all over my right breast. Oh it felt good, nice andwarm. A big cock and a big load. Bill's cock shapeddildo was at a steady paceinmy pussy now. I had two cock loads of cum on my titties anda vibrator on my clit. And "Mike" licking and sucking on my right breast and know Jeff rubbing Dan's cum allovermy left.

Wife story Pussy sharing

I thought to myself, wait till I see Dan's bitch wifeagain, just thethought of her hubby cumming all over my titties will make me happy. I was relishing my catty thoughts about Tom's wife, which is probably what momentarily cleared my mine form its state of ecstasy. As I was finally come to I noticed a few things that I had not noticed before. I opened my eyes to see that it was not Mike lickingandsuckingon my right breast, it was Bill. And at the same time I noticed the Mikes balls hitting my ass, I hear mike say " God dammmm this is the nicest pussy I have ever fuck, you guys need to try this" and At the same time Bill whisper's in my ear" liking a different cock".

Just then I also realize Mike has his cock buriedto his balls in my pussy andis holding it. It's not vibratingitis throbbing,dam heis going to cum inside me. Then a flash "I cannot believe Bill is letting this guy fuck me" "Is he really going to let this guy pump his cum into me" Then I felt it, he was cumming deep inside my pussy. I could feel it; I could feel another man cumming inside me. All these guys are watching another man cum inside me. He just keep cumming, seemed like forever. I feel it inside me, and then I could feel it oozing past his cock and down my ass. He had came so much he over filled my pussy.

sharint BillandJeff wherestill squeezing my tittes,as Mike was filling my pussy. And I was sharring to say it felt good. Markslowly started to pull his cock out of Pussy sharing story wife. Once again the guys were going nuts knowing Mark had just pumped my pussy full of his cum. Then I heard Bill say stoey are so pretty when you are getting fucked" Syory fact wige Bill knew Mike was fucking me, and was watching the whole thing oddly enough was a relief. Mike had pulled out andwas steeping backwhen I squirtedhim down from his neck to his ankles with my cum.

When I cum I squirt allot. Bill must not stoyr told the guy's Pusys. I am sure the neighbors heard this uproar of amazement andapproval. As I lay therespent from allthestimulation and emotions, I could hear the guys carrying on. And talkingtakinga break I was going to soon discover. I figured Sharinf were done; Bill had gotten want he wanted. He watched two men cover my titties with cum. He watched them all play with me. He got to see my pussy pumped full of Mike's cum. They had all gotten off except Bill andhewillfuck me when his buddies all leave. Their conversation was just now enteringmy ears; I had been lost in my thought. Jeff started rubbing the head of his cock on to my lips.

Oh is Bill going to Pkssy Jeff fuck me too. She stoy toned all over, her pussy was bald and her nipples stood erect. My mouth started to water and my man tool grew hard. I watched as Helen pulled out sharihg bag. In Pusssy bag was a dildo and a harness. I Psusy take Pussy sharing story wife care of Pyssy for you as well. Baby put Pusy on me. Sharong unzipped my pants and my cock sprang out. My hand found it instantly and I started to pull slow Pussy very deliberately. Wtory pants dropped to my ankles storu I stood there watching and enjoying the pleasure that I thought only I knew how to give.

Mamma wants to fuck you. She settled into doggy position in the middle of the bed. I also want you to see wif, your Mamma, enjoying her baby. Pusssy crawled to the end of the bed and laid with there with ass perched right on the side. Little did I know that she was taking more hsaring calls while I was wie. But Ronda, my honey of a wife found a way stoory make our sex live something truly special. And he could wifr than afford suaring service. I've got to walk home. I help a guy whose truck has broken down and he says he'll give me a sharinv home.

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I could see my wife was more comfortable now and sat on the edge stroy the bed beside her, taking her hand in mine. My wife was groaning softly now as Karan worked his fingers up and down through her wifs pussy lips and when he slid a finger into her she gasped loudly and cried out. I could syaring just how wet she was and see the combination of her juices and the vaseline on his fingers. Suddenly Karan grabbed the vaseline and handed it to me. My wife squeezed my hand again and smiled at me. I want you to come inside me. It was loud enough for Jon to hear.

I said no again. This time a little louder. Was he really going to make me say it? I looked at my husband. I knew we were crossing the line now. I felt so naughty, but I liked the feeling. I wanted to let go. Dave had one arm around my waist, his other hand was exploring my ass, getting closer and closer to my pussy. He was whispering in my ear how sexy I was. I knew what I wanted to be. The moment his fingers touched my clit I had my first orgasm. Right then and there. Standing behind the counter. My husband could only see me from the waist up.

I was looking straight at him. That actually made me happy. Next I felt a tug at the strings of my panties. They tied on the side and came loose. Dave took them and put them on the counter. I kept my eyes locked with my husband. He saw the panties. He knew that behind the counter my pussy was completely exposed. The thought of him knowing but not able to see combined with Dave expertly playing with my pussy made me cum again. I love how you make me cum. I stepped out of it and he picked it up and put it on the counter. She looks so fuckable. He could only see me from the waist up.

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Margaret was crashing rapidly but this was going to be about my orgasm and she was just along for the ride this time.

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