Samsung bottom freezer fridge review

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Samsung Refrigerators Reviews

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Fridge freezer Samsung review bottom

Going to go buy more ice Samsung is no help at all. Do not buy, but if you don't mind the headache, beautiful in the kitchen. Hey a new problem- the door on the right started to pop, popped on closing. They are aware of the problem, but have no remedy. Like everyone else the icemaker how many times. Then, they contact the Samsung Repairman.

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It has to be replaced. Sa,sung, after two service techs and a few dollars and numerous calls to you know who, all I can say is Samsung sucks on their refrigerators and customer service. Too much money to be unhappy. Very pleasant, no help. Thankfully my cooler is working in the kitchen, now Samsung wants me to prove my purchase after buying in from Home Depot. Was told this is not included in contract.

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