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A mommy makeover is typically a braest of procedures designed to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy state. The nig included are something to discuss with our plastic surgeon, Dr. Hayley Brown, but are brdast designed to rid you of excess fat and stretch marks, fill and lift your breasts, and restore your abdomen to what it was before. However, this can be very difficult because of the ways pregnancy changes your body, so mommy makeover procedures can address your various problem areas. While a mommy makeover may only be one procedure and could also be a combination of all of them, any of the following can be included in the procedure in order to restore your pre-pregnancy body: It is imperative to also be at a healthy weight.

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If you are a little overweight lbsyou may still be a great candidate for a mommy makeover provided you are in good health. It is also ideal for those women that have the following: Loose, deflated, asymmetric, or saggy breasts Enlarged areola after Mommy big breast Enlarged or saggy breasts A bulging belly or bulging abdominal muscles. Sometimes the muscle can even separate and that is called a rectus diastasis. A tummy tuck tightens and flattens these muscles while improving core strength and exercise ability Stretch marks or loose wrinkled skin of breasts or abdomen Fatty deposits on the abdomen and hips, resistant to diet and exercise Fatty deposits of the lower back making their buttocks look wide and square Fatty back rolls Fat deposits on your thighs Visible C-section scars Although subsequent pregnancy is not harmful to the individual or growing fetus, there is always the chance that your breasts or belly can stretch out or sag again.

Therefore, our plastic surgeon recommends that you be finished having children before considering a mommy makeover Mommy big breast. If a patient is having back liposuction, that is done first, followed by the breasts. Liposuction of the hips and flanks is performed followed by either a tummy tuck for women with loose skin and bulging muscles, or full abdominal liposuction if the woman has great skin tone. If the pubic area is puffy, liposuction can be done there too. A pubic lift is also an option if that area is saggy. During a tummy tuck, bulging or separated abdominal muscles are sutured, narrowed, and tightened. Excess skin is removed in an elliptical shape from the umbilicus to the pubic area.

Old C-section scars are removed so that the final scar is as low as possible. Stretch marks below the belly button are gone; any above the belly button are pulled down very low on the abdomen. Recovery After a Mommy Makeover You will go home right after surgery with a responsible care giver, like a good friend or family member who will need to stay with you overnight and most of the time for several days. You will need help taking care of basic needs and childcare for at least one full week, sometimes a little longer as everyone heals differently.

You can go straight back to your normal routine right after your treatment is over — which is especially important for new moms. Breast Lift for Sagging Breasts Many women are left with only a memory of their perky breasts after breastfeeding. A breast lift can restore your sagging breasts to a youthful elevation. Breast lifts are often performed alongside a breast reduction or augmentation, and in some cases they can also be done alone. During breast lift surgery, your surgeon will reposition your nipple and areola while also reshaping your breast to give it a more natural and youthful appearance.

After you are done breastfeeding, this can cause your breasts to look empty. A breast augmentation can fill out your breasts again, giving you the attractive volume you used to have. During a breast augmentation, a small incision will be made below the crease of each of your breasts. I almost punched him in the face. I asked him what he found attractive about her? Then he smirked shyly and whispered from the corner of his mouth: How could it be? She looked like a scarecrow with a couple of pumpkins. Stumped by this peculiar phenomenon, I decided to study the case more deeply.

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