Chicken breasts with candied shallots recipe

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What’s Cooking: Roasted chicken with caramelized shallots

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You see these six ingredients? Use your favorite chicken pieces-I used thighs and legs.

I seasoned the chicken with just a bit of salt and pepper first. Next, make your marinade. Combine soy sauce, brown sugar, vinegar, olive oil, shallots and garlic. The marinade smells really good.

Candied recipe breasts shallots with Chicken

Wkth chicken in a baking dish and add marinade. In an oven preheated to degrees, roast the chicken for about 30 minutes or until chicken begins to brown. Remove the brests, and flip each piece over. Baste it with the marinade; bake for an additional 10 minutes. I served mine with homemade mashed potatoes. Kramer and I hosted a party at our apartment, which I think was our most successful one yet. We made tons of food, most of which will end up on the site in the coming weeks, and managed to squeeze about 25 people into our square foot Brooklyn apartment somehow. I love any excuse to spend an entire day cooking followed by an entire night of listening to old 90s music, drinking beers, and eating, but I digress in fact, most of the photos I posted after the cut are of me eating — surprise.

I hope that we get to throw another one soon. Another exciting bit of news: Knorr has asked the ladies of The Knorr Bbreasts to continue creating new and exciting recipes for the next two months of The juice and stock reduce as the chicken cooks, and produces a lovely, slightly sweet and tangy sauce that is perfect for serving alongside your favorite vegetables, rice, or bread. Stay in, whip up this romantic little dish, and enjoy some quality time with your loved one. Party in the kitchen.

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What are the odds? I definitely have food in my mouth here — what else is new? Kramer, keeping an eye on the festivities. Pat, Matt, and Morgan, who are all involved in The Untitled Webseries — coincidentally, there is a new episode up today, so check it out!

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