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My First Double Penetration

One Poll night during the local, I beat home from a market hot day at least, assumed to make my heels off and peach. She supporters in the most house. After that, there was no hard me.

Doublr I saw both the boys in the kitchen I felt my clit twitch and despite my lethargy my thoughts roamed to having them both. I told Billy that I was going upstairs for a shower.

I'm dice almost penrtration big as a bold ms ball!!. Once I found out the fixed there was nothing else to do but try it out.

I was in no mood to penetrxtion to penetratiln talk endlessly about football and Free double penetration stories crap the ref was. I just wanted to get out of my clothes and get myself off. Standing in the bathroom, I took my clothes off as swiftly as I could, doubke only my pemetration and my bra on. My vibrator was still next to the bed and my pussy was in need of attention. I turned to walk into the room and gasped as I saw John standing there. The xtories thing I wanted was for him to see what my intentions were.

Although I knew my body would betray my thoughts as my face and cleavage always blush when I am aroused. I grabbed my dildo as fast as I could and disappeared back into the bathroom. John must have been equally embarrassed as he was gone when I peeked through the door. There was no way I could fuck myself now! He would know what I was up to. I grabbed a robe and went back downstairs. The boys were in the living room, sat on the sofa and I plonked myself on the chair. I gave a wry smile. Exactly what I had intended to do. I could tell by the slight bulge in his trousers. I could feel my heart thumping in my chest and the tale tale swell of pussy juice begin to flood my cunt.

John got up and walked behind the chair and I slipped my robe down, my shoulders bare but for my bra straps. Billy knelt in front of me and lifted my nylon clad feet up onto his knee. The sensation of his thumbs circling the balls of my feet made me sigh and I felt my head and shoulders relax. When I opened my eyes I was amazed to see that Billy had his cock in his hand and was wanking against my feet. I looked back at John and he had a grin on his face. My robe had fallen completely open and he was getting a good view of my scantily clad body.

I gasped and looked at Billy; he just shushed me and nodded. When John slipped a hand inside of my bra and started rolling my nipple around with his thumb and forefinger I knew there was no turning back. I could feel my knickers getting damper and damper and I was soon squirming in my seat. Billy sat up so that his cock was level with my knees and I could see the silvery trail of precum on my tights. He traced the line with his fingertips, dragging his precum all the way up my leg until he reached my inner thigh.

storirs This is before the days of cell phones. We found her car up on the wrecker truck. The driver said she had been arrested, and taken to the […] Written by Flashpoint2, April 19th, Time for my yearly check up with Dr. I love my doctor, I have been seeing him for several years.

There has never been anything sexual with us, but I have caught him staring at me at times. Any woman would know how dkuble is when a man looks at them a certain way. Then come to find out, she had been getting all kinds of messages from all kind of guys wanting to enjoy the greatness of her perfect sweet cunt! They were all talking about you and the wet t-shirt contest. The t-shirt was your prize from last night.

Penetration stories double Free

You were also wearing your tiny white see through bikini bottoms. One of the single men touched […] Written by Rainbow Writer, March 19th, I reclined on her soft breasts as my naughty wife related her adventure into my eager ear. The Sake was hitting me and I stumbled getting into the limo, falling into Robs arms. I looked into his dreamy blue eyes as he started kissing me softly on the lips, then my neck and Free double penetration stories. I […] Written by texas, February 28th, This is my first posting. This is her written account of what took place on the first few nights of the cruise. The first night on the cruise, we go to […] Written by casquetero, February 12th, In the first part, I had gone to a bar and found my neighbors Rosa and Esteban.

I could tell as soon as we got to the bedroom that this was going to be a really "good"session!!! She was almost naked the instant we got through the door and turned around and grabbed him by the belt and unbuckled and unzipped his jeans and had them off in no time. I knew he was as excited as Dawn and I were if not more so. By the time he stepped out of his jean he was rock hard and throbbing. Dawn didn't even wait to get to the bed but just dropped to her knees and started to stroke his long thick shaft as she kissed and licked and sucked on the swollen head of his dick!!! Let me take a minuet to explain here.

I'm just under 8 inches and fairly thick. There were few things that turned me on more than seeing Dawn with a nice big dick with the exception of seeing her with another woman or couple!!! By the time I was ready to start taking pics she had guided him to the bed using his cock and sat him down on the edge of it. I could tell that he as already about to cum and Dawn said if he did this soon he'd better hope that there was a lot more in there!!!

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