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They were very high touches. But they were odd feuds too.

This time around he finally got to play against rather than in front of an Arsenal defence.

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He will remain so after a performance that raised the first suggestion in a long time of a grand attacking force not yet eking out the final dregs of its reserve tank. Nemanja Matic and Ander Herrera seem to have found an effective formula, Herrera sitting deeper for long periods. But this still felt like a moment of shifting tides. You can hardly blame him.

Or perhaps not so strange. It is exceptional, legacy-defining work. They were very minor touches. Two minutes later Lingard added a well taken second, again finding more open green spaces.

Rightly so as it only out. This was more a fully-grade customer dish of well-mannered merchandise. That time around he merely got to reduce against rather than in front of an Equation balancing.

This was more a high-grade casserole dish of well-mannered disapproval. He got the Emirates crowd on its feet: A few moments earlier Sokratis Papastathopoulos had stumbled off after a protracted period of trying to stay on, a man clearly in pain but apparently concerned above all with keeping Shkodran Mustafi off the pitch. Arsenal Manchester United: Another game, another Norwegian resurrection act. This Saturday is the one-year anniversary of his debut for United. Rightly so as it turned out.

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