Suspension bondage

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The Ups and Downs of Suspension

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Plus enough rope and enough careful planning does make it easier Skspension regard to spreading the load and easing the stress on the body. That said, Suspension bondage to the stresses on the body, the helplessness, and the Susension of trust in the Sspension doing the tying, full suspension can be phenomenal when it comes to creating some very very fun kinds of intensity. Literally suspended in the air by rope. The fear, however large or small, that something may go wrong. The freedom from gravity, of being completely without control. You can feel drunk, worn out, utterly relaxed after being suspended.

This is why a lot of suspension scenes can be very full on and intense without even adding in other stimuli. When you do add other stimuli, e. It can be draining for both the bottom and the rigger. The amount of learning and practice that go into suspension is not small. There are a lot of factors to include and account for. There is a considerable time and attention commitment.

This is possible, although extremely painful and will leave deep marks in the wrists. The safest and "most comfortable" method of suspension by the wrists is to use suspension cuffs as they are specifically designed to spread the weight around the wrist as much as possible. An alternative method of vertical suspension is to use a bondage rope harness. With the ropes tied around the body and in particular around the upper arms close to the shoulders as well as around the upper leg and through the groin, it is possible to suspend a person with ropes attached to these areas similar to the way a parachute is attached to a person.

In this position the arms and legs may be left to hang free, as the person would have great difficulty getting free without assistance.

Bondage Suspension

Horizontal suspension, face up. Horizontal suspension[ edit ] A woman hanging horizontally in a "teardrop" hogtie. A woman in horizontal suspension using rope bondage at BoundCon Since the submissive's arms are tied here, it is important for safety that the rope is strong and does not break. This position has the subject bound in a horizontal position, sometimes face up but usually face down. The body is lifted into this position either by attaching bondage equipment to the wrists and ankles, or to other areas of the body, or a mixture of both, with the subject's weight born by these areas. The ankles or wrists may be brought together or kept apart by a spreader bar. In case of the wrists and ankles ropes or suspension cuffs can be used.

When the body itself is used to suspend the person, they may first be tied into a conventional bondage position such as a hogtie or ball tie, then by attaching ropes or chains to ropes under areas of the body able to take weight the person is lifted into the air. A variation on this position is to secure the wrists to either the spreader bar or to a securing point between their ankles forming a hogtieresulting in what is called a suspension bow. In this position, if the subject is a female and facing down, her breasts would be pointing almost straight down depending on the strictness of the position, and nipple clamps and weights can be added for painful stimulation. The clamps may alternatively be secured to a point on the floor, limiting the subject's ability to struggle or move at all without causing pain.

Inverted suspension[ edit ] A woman hanging in inverted suspension at Wave-Gotik-Treffen music festival, Germany, These are easy enough to find but can cut through rope easily and quickly in case of an emergency.

Suspension bondage You must always ask the person being tied about their physical health. If they have an EpiPen or inhaler, be sure the rigger knows and can administer these if needed. It is crucial to communicate at all times so that both rigger and bunny feel safe and comfortable. Got a thing for metal? Chains can also be used for suspension bondage but as there is no give with them you need to be careful to add in enough carabiners to be able to quickly release the person restrained. They can be a lot of fun, especially if put in the freezer before play! First things first, check that the suspension point is secure.

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