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Can Massage Help Capsular Contracture After Breast Augmentation?

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Grab your shoulder with your opposite hand so that your elbow will press over your breast. In some cases, surgery may be an option.

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Although everyone who undergoes breast augmentation will develop a capsule — which is how your body naturally responds to having an implant — not everyone will develop capsular contracture. If your doctor does perform your breast massage, they could lose their medical license. To help prevent this from happening, your plastic surgeon will likely recommend that you perform a daily breast massage in the first few months after your surgery. Push your breasts toward the middle of your chest by placing your hands on each side.

Cup your hands over the top of your breasts, either one or both on each breast at a time.

Do the same maneuver, but this time push the breast upward. They can walk you through your options and discuss any potential benefits or risks. What massage technique to use? Talk to your doctor about when you should start your massage therapy.

Massage Doctor breast

Saline implants may carry a lower risk than silicone implants. Anti-asthma medications may help soften the capsule. Are there other treatment options? Place both of your hands vertically on each side of a breast and squeeze.

With capsulectomy, the entire capsule is removed and the implant is replaced. Some practitioners recommend that you start a daily routine a week or so after surgery. Are there any risks and warnings?

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