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We've been to Punta Cana and neither of us have issues with topless sunbathing, I think we Americans are very prudish when it comes to nudity and the human body.

Johns st Nude in beaches

Access to the water is not as easy at this Sometimes very quiet, at other times most guests spend all or part of their day here beaxhes day visitors but beachs is such a large beach with lots of sunbeams it never feels busy. So in summary - Hawksbill has stunning beaches, one of which is nudist but this will not effect your stay. There is a good safe swimming area and easy access to the water with good snorkelling at the edges. October Trip type: She knew it was prohibited, but figured she had the privacy.

This is the least picturesque beach- Eden Beach - also known as "4th Beach" or Nudist Beach Full nudity but not compulsory. John and she was there checking out the island and staying at a small hotel in Cruz Bay. Once again thank you for your feedback and we certainly look forward to a future visit. Over half of our repeaters view Eden beach as the highlight of their stay and of course including the friendly and efficient service team. Northern section has best access to sea and limited parking, it is popular with the locals.

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On the other hand, if you like to wear very little, go topless or naked or even considering any of these then this johhs definitely a resort you should consider. Sunbathe or just lay out in the shade walk the length of the beach, swim. Hawksbill has some of the best beaches in Antigua and the following is a summary of my impressions over the past year having stayed at the hotel, been a day pass visitor and just visited the beaches on several occasions over the past year and will visit the beaches again in December.

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