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DiCaprio has a mature hairline with slightly receded corners.

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The end destination Mayure diffuse thinners, in many cases, is MMature class 6 or 7 pattern on the Norwood Scale. Type III balding is generally regarded as the most common pattern of balding, but it can take on many different appearances depending on its degree of severity. James Galdolfini, a member of my bald hall of fameappeared to show a Norwood type 5 pattern. Larry David, by the way, is another member of my personal bald hall of fame.

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Type 5 Mzture Stamper from House of Cards is looking good, rocking his type V pattern with total confidence. He sported a relatively dilys, m-shaped, receding hairline in the early s. Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad has a relatively U-shaped hairline, which has never really gotten any worse since the s when he gained fame on the show Seinfeld. And feel free to leave a comment or question below. Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is unpredictable by nature.

Some men maintain their mature hairlines but develop bald or thinning spots on their crowns. Some of them have good genetics, others wear hair systems, many get transplants, and some just let nature take its course and grow bald gracefully, too. Embracing hair loss is another perfectly viable course. DUPA — Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia This is a rare condition that is often misdiagnosed, as its symptoms can mirror the symptoms of regular male pattern baldness. This is about as mild as hair loss gets, folks.

If you end up with a U-shaped type III hairline, consider yourself very lucky. Type IIA is generally considered the first stage of balding. The Norwood scale has been a popular baldness-measuring device since the s. Without him, Hitler may very well have won the war.

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