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Mike Jones, Male Prostitute Who Outed Ted Haggard, Says 15% Of Clients In Denver Were Clergy

Budge for Being Toy Drive Nov. How have you been with all the underlying media attention?.

In addition, Jones said that he has received 'about a dozen death threats since the story broke. Lambda Literary Foundation and the Center sponsored the program. The foundation's Judith Markowitz and the Center's C. Carter provided remarks and an introduction, respectively, before Jones' reading. Windy City Media Group does not approve or necessarily agree with the views posted below. Jones is among eight men quoted in the Idaho Statesman newspaper, alleging sexual encounters with the Republican senator. Jones was among four men who agreed to be identified by name. Jones said Monday he did not know who Craig was at the time of their encounter.

He said he made the connection only when he saw Craig speak at a televised news conference. Craig gave no other indication of his identity, where he was from, or why he was in Denver, Jones said. That you wished he had come forward sooner? You have to understand what the New Lif Church is all about. So, they just do whatever they can to protect themselves and make them look good. Forgive me for calling you a liar or for calling you nothing but seeking media attention.

It would be nice if one of them could come forward and apologize to me. Has that changed at all? It actually angers me. Just the lack of support!

Do you have the New Unbeatable Church. Did my pants know about the maturing part?.

To this day, nobody from HRC [The Human Rights Campaign], who I reached out to at the beginning for some help, as my world was collapsing, still to this day has never called me or even made any attempt to check up on me. They need to malr about that part and really come to the realization of what I mlae did for the sake Mikw the gay community. I exposed myself and I took a lot of heat for Mike jones male escort, so I feel a bit hurt. I know more are probably going to soon, too. Have you ever thought of leaving Denver? What was your reaction when you first heard about it? These men would come in all beat up and depressed and everything and I feel like I would mend them up and get their spirits up and their motivation and their self-esteem and send them back off to war.

I could probably have a million bucks in the bank right now and have my privacy still intact, but I chose not to go that route. You wish him well, but you still call him a son of a bitch. I know… I say that sarcastically. But I feel sorry for him. But not overwhelmingly like I thought. Why is the support not there? Is it because of what you do? The Human Rights Campaign is a prime example… just turned their back on me. I just wanted to expose the hypocrite. Slow, but sure, groups are coming around.

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They gave me the activist award this year. I mean I have taken so much crap… I have Mie yelled at in public. So this is taking a lot of my time. You have to understand, I wrote the book in three months. I thought it was forever. But it allows me to really get my emotions out there. How do I get better abs? You have to work at it!

And you have to understand the reason I wrote about our encounters were: Then he wanted to get kinda kinky and adventurous… Hemant: This had a ecort impact on them. This was a biggie. This was one of their own. Fscort this has really made them very awkward. First of all, the drug dealing part. Second of all, that I was strictly out for money. And you held onto it for a few months before you even knew what you wanted to do. This was a very difficult decision for me. I think I have an important issue out there and nobody talks about it.

I proved those things are not accurate! And everybody overlooks that. What, I fail and [Haggard] resigns?

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