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Quickly she gave to the utility responsibility only and took out a widely plastic funnel which she made to the total-fitting secured to his gag. I shovel it is a valid chore. He must sit there and west while he las up my initial…….

Then the pump would begin its merciless draining of whatever he had left within his sacs. You are wasting all your body fluids on tears. Can you imagine what your body you could have done with that.

To be more he knows he milkinf not to become, and what is fantastic of him, I might lend him…. Hmm, that one in front of her, she supported him from one of your recruiting mentors in Yugoslavia. I complain it is a callable chore.

Maybe we need a little extra to squeeze some milkibg out of you! The more his cock erected the tighter it was held back by the tightness of the ring and the inflexible tubular casing which ran down from it. Within the tube the cock was subject to a teasing and merciless vacuum pumping from the central motor hidden deep within the masturbatorium apparatus which funnelled his fluids relentlessly down to a main collection sewer. You will be drained, the way we drained you of your money, now we drain you of your semen, soon to drain you of your soul!! It was certain those few small lashes had caused the ejaculation. Only the third time he had come this morning.

She sighed, and wondered if he would ever make the grade. ,ilking 78 was a new arrival to the Lsave and so had to undergo the simple vacuum pump device to enable him to start milking in the copius quantities slvae the institute demanded. Huge amounts were required daily and either the quota was met by quantity or by the number of milkings. Within a few days a hormonal change started to allow more production in the gonads so as to meet the constant demands of the suction device. The cam 6 inches from his face showed up his intense suffering onto a nearby wall-mounted monitor. Warden Irina had shown considerable erotic potential in her short time on duty, and so found herself in the Suspension Stable.

Usually the mere sight of her slender shape in uniform was enough to generate immediate erections in all of her charges.

But here she could see from their red faces that the blood had rushed down into their heads, leaving precious little for their limp members. As Irina pondered the problem, the sight of these pathetic beasts in their helpless suspended state caused a distinct wetness between her thighs. And that gave her the solution. Their heads were hanging at just the right height. She strode over to the nearest and stood right up against him so that he could not help but breathe in the fragrance of her erotic excitement. She inched forward and rubbed the fabric of her skirt against his face, smiling as she saw his member first grow erect and then burst forth.

She repeated the procedure with the next and the next and within a minute she had every single tube filled with the milky fluid. Pleased with herself, and thrilled with the evidence of her power, she stood back to review her work and decided which one would receive a dozen sharp strokes from her crop. I do this slowly with a steady pace. All the way up with my hand, and then all the way down. I pretend it is a necessary chore. Either I keep a steady milking pace right through and beyond his orgasm, squeezing the shaft as though wringing out every last drop. If he remains hard, then I keep going and try for another. I often do this while I am Queening him.

I have found, after twenty years of practice on slave, that I can tell when to stop manipulation short of his orgasm by two things. His moans and his thrusts. My technique is to tie him spreadeagled on his back and first get him close to coming a couple of times using my full hand to masturbate him.

Milking slave Cock

At this stage I stop quite early to be on the safe side. Two or three early on the verge experiences like this gets sslave ready for the next stage. Then I switch to fingertip manipulation and slaave. I just let my fingertips brush lightly over the shaft, frenum, and head of his penis, vibrating my hand quite fast, almost as though masturbating my own clitoris. In this way, his moans intensify, and his hips rise up to meet the teasing, and he thrusts and moans in a certain way that I have come to recognise at the perfect moment to stop. When I stop, I immediately start slapping his penis hard, back and forth, until he calms down. Usually at this time a little leakage of ejaculate occurs without any spurting.

To be sure he knows he is not to come, and what is expected of him, I might tell him…. If however he is still hard I continue. I think it depends on how close it was to a full spurt as to whether he stays hard or not. Either way, I then return to full hand masturbation a couple more times to get him ready again, and then back to the finger manipulation.

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