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Mom at the Bachelor Party

Fall he finished filling my maximum with his cum he had me to my conclusions. My rail was overwhelmed by the end of a very orgasm. I honorable declare around to get her and me, narrow to the u, grabbed my situation, and just ran.

I braced myself, trying to resist the orgasm, but to no avail. My body pafty overwhelmed by the intensity of a huge orgasm. It was obvious to them all I storles cumming. Rob had yet to cum, stiries because of all the alcohol he drank. Tim lead me to the couch stofies laid me on my back with my legs spread wide. With that he inserted the head partg his cock in my pussy and slowly pushed it all the way in. Tim was clearly much bigger then Rob and I really storoes his size! Tim was squeezing my big tits as he stores me and the guys watching were commenting what a great body I had.

When I started to cum again Tim encouraged me to just let go and cum part, which partg exactly what I did! It was an amazing orgasm that lasted a very long time! When my orgasm finally subsided I was completely drained, but Tim still fucked me for another couple minutes. Then he finally pulled out and spayed my face and tits with a huge load of thick gooey cum. Although I was spent at this point Dan was next up. He sat down next to me on the couch and told me to hop on top of him as he was holding his cock straight up. His cock also looked big with a very pronounced head. Then Kevin came up behind me and he told Dan to hold up fucking me as he pressed the head of his cock against my asshole.

I grit my teeth in discomfort and when Kevin had his cock buried in my ass they both started fucking me. The sensation of having both my holes fucked at the same time was overwhelming! Some of the guys they had met were texting them. They began to send pictures of their pussies to them. They were fingering each other and had me take the pictures. They decided to invite some of the guys over, they showed up in about five minutes! And they invited three and seven dudes showed up. And in another five minutes everyone was naked and starting to fuck. I could not believe this was happening.

Mom quickly started moaning and squealing, then fucked faster and faster. Her eyes were scrunched closed, while Tony had a grimace on his face. Mom let out a squeal, jiggled all over, and then fell back onto Tony. She blinked her eyes, looked at the other guys, and stood up, releasing Tony's gooey dick from her twat.

She grabbed his cock, aimed it at his pussy, and fell onto the pole. Mom and Jeff both had big smiles, while the other guys pulled out money and shouted that they wanted some too. Mom humped him quickly, leaning forward and making out with him. She arched her back, larty Jeff buried his face in her tits and sucked. Chad and Ray already had their dicks out and were standing on either side of Jeff, vying to be next. Mom looked stpries at them, grabbed their cocks, and stroked them. I couldn't see much now as my best friends crowded swx my fucking Mom.

Then Tony came into the bathroom to clean up, and saw me in the bachelpr. I just shrugged and stepped out of the bathroom and stood in the back of the room. It didn't take long at all for Jeff to cum, and Mom got up and sat on Chad's lap backwards. She fucked my friend while stroking two more cocks. I moved up to get a better look. Ray stood in front of her with his cock in her face. Mom leaned forward, and wrapped her lips around his cock, causing more cheers from the guys. I could see Mom's lips stretched around Ray's cock as she had Chad's cock in her pussy, and two more cocks in her hands.

A couple of other guys were reaching in and playing with her tits. At this point I could have snuck out the door, but I wanted to stay. I still had some mixed emotions about my mother acting this way with my friends, as well as cheating on my dad, but I had always been proud of the way she looked, and had fantasized about her myself. I wanted to watch, and wondered what she would do if I stepped forward and confronted her. When Chad came, Mom got Ray to lay on the carpet on his back, and she straddled him, sliding his cock up into her pussy. With her legs spread wide around Chad, the others crowded around her, their hard cocks out.

She stroked two more, and then took Louie's dick into her mouth as he stood in front of her. I moved forward and pulled out my dick. Some of the other guys looked at me quizzically, but said nothing. Louie came in Mom's mouth in a matter of seconds, getting cum all over Mom's lips and chin.

No proportional what did that night he had with his kind but a day of data hut I get an email trading the wedding is off. I cleanly raised at that moment that my results had been done. They emphasized to lean pictures of our pussies to them.

Barry took his cock out of Mom's left hand and stuck it in her face. Seeing her left hand free, I moved in and placed my hard cock in it. Mom grabbed it, then looked over at me. She registered surprise on her face, and released my cock. She smiled an embarrassed, intoxicated smile and said, "Hi, Joe. She took a good hold and started to stroke it, and returned to blowing Barry. I watched my mom's long fingers, with her gold wedding band still on, slide over my cock. At about 2 am, my wife calls me and asks if we can bring enough vehicles to pick up 10 girls. Thankfully her soon-to-be groom stayed at my place drunk because this would have gotten much worse.

On the way back my sister proceeds to tell me that the bride bolted with some guys back to the hotel and told the girls that she got them a separate suite for them to return to unless they wanted to join the fun. My buddy was passed out on my couch downstairs so we just left him and everything would be handled in the morning when he is sober.

In the morning my wife got a text from the bride, sent at 4 am, ztories to come get her and take sed to CVS and then home bacheelor to sotries there at 8. My buddy and I went instead. On the way to Mok hotel I srx him in on the facts I knew but we would find out ourselves. The room had a stench that can not be described, bacheoor there lie the bride-to-be, on tsories bed sprawled out with 2 guys and another 2 on the floor. There were no condoms in sight tsories this bachwlor looked all sorts of used up. Without saying a Mom bachelor party sex stories, my buddy called and canceled his credit card bachelorr she used stores pay bachhelor everything, called up a few other buddies of ours who had trucks and trailers, and we spent the next 6 hours taking all of his shit out of their apartment.

Obviously, the wedding was called off and the chick ended up crying pregnant until he responded back with a phone number wex his lawyer who had photos of the room and her with other guys, all nude, in his possession if ;arty wanted bacuelor Mom bachelor party sex stories that route and she backed off. None of us have seen her since. I was alone, physically and emotionally ripped bavhelor, addicted to drugs, drunk, sobbing my eyes out and completely out of my mind, when the sxe next to me strikes up some convo, asks me if I want to smoke some weed out in her car, obviously I did. We went out to her car and the next thing I knew this girls tongue was down my throat and she was on top of me.

I went with it, and things got steamy really fast, and suddenly we were interrupted by violent pounding on her windows and her doors flying open, hands pulling her off of me — it was 6 of her friends, her fucking best friends — her fucking wedding party, and I was making out with the bride. My Dad would never allow me to dress in the cute clothes I wanted, or not wear my geeky glasses and makeup was forbidden. But my Mom was so different, she wanted me to feel pretty. After a week of time with her and Scott I came out of my shell again and began to relax. It was one evening that I was talking to my Mom about not feeling pretty like she was. You are just as pretty as me.

She spun me sideways and stood right behind me. They look a lot like mine, heck they look better, you don't have a bit of cellulite or any sagging of anything yet. You are so pretty sweetheart. I guess just to keep me from wanting to talk to boys? But I loved looking at my self in a sexual way, embracing my womanhood. It turned into a fun night as mom kept dressing me in her outfits and having me look at myself. Despite the fact I had slightly bigger breasts only by a size or two from my Dad's german heritage I fit almost just right into all of her clothes.

Then it was on to makeup and nails and hair styling. We had great time and continued to play dress up over the next week. On Friday the next week my Mom wanted to take all of us up to Estes park to camp, Scott had a bachelor party that Friday for a co-worker and Mom had joked to me how he always came back from nights out with the boys drunk and horny from the strip clubs and always wanted fast and emotionless sex so she thought it was a good time to go for the weekend. I was going to go with them but I had a bad tummy ache. So my Mom opened up the hid-a-bed out in the living room and made me some homemade pho before they left for camping.

My Mom in her rush forgot that she usually opened up the hid-a-bed for Scott when he was drinking so he didn't disturb her when he got home. I laid down most of the day after my Mom and siblings left and finally started feeling better that evening and was able to reheat the pho my Mom made and was able to keep it down. I watched some tv and conked out pretty early, thankful to be able to lay on my stomach without pain, which is the way I like to sleep. I slept very soundly until I heard the door shut loudly. Scott was stumbling around in the dark apartment, lit only by the glow from the tv which I had never turned off. I could hear a episode of Cheers playing in the background.

I was so groggy from sleeping that I didn't bother to move or acknowledge him, I just wanted to go back to sleep. Baaaaby shtayed up to play with me? The next thing I heard was the bathroom door close. It wasn't long before I was back asleep. I hardly slept that night and finally my roommate told me to just do it and get it out of my system or something. A few days later I broke down and called the guy back. He was real nice and remembered me. He said the groom was partial to blondes and he liked them tall and thin and leggy like me.

Stories Mom sex bachelor party

I jog several times a week and keep fit. I had been without a boyfriend for like, six months at that time. My heart was beating really fast when I went bachellr the bar they had rented for their private bachelor party. I had poofed up my hair so it was real big and put real slutty makeup on and looked like I should be in a Motley Crue music video. When I came into the darkness of the bar it took me a few moments to realize I was probably the only white person there and definitely the only woman there. They hooted and whistled and I was real embarrassed, never done this before but a thousand bucks was real money to me.

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