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Prosecution rests in sex scandal trial of ex-Custer County Sheriff Mike Burgess

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But jurors acquitted him of 23 other counts, including second-degree rape, forcible sodomy and rape by instrumentation. No deputies ever faced criminal charges. Sun, January 18, A jury in Major County - where the case was moved because of pretrial publicity - found Burgess guilty in January of 13 felony counts, including five counts of second-degree rape. Keeping him safe would be really, really tough. The plaintiffs' attorney, Greg Williams of Tulsa, said completion of the criminal case will allow the lawsuit to move forward.

Scandel sheriff sex Custer county

The sheriff's lobby cpunty also quick to note that most of its members are law enforcers, not breakers. In the hours after the woman told of her sexual history with the sheriff, authorities say Zex contacted the woman's cousin — a female who was also part of the drug court program — and asked her to remove any DNA evidence, such as a condom, from the woman's house that might incriminate him. Related to this story. Jerry Massie, a spokesman for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, remarked that Burgess may have to be shipped to another state where he is less well known, placed in protective custody, or sent to a county jail that houses state prisoners. Burgess, 56, stood red-eyed as the verdicts were read on each of the original 36 counts that ranged from forcible oral sodomy and kidnapping to sexual battery and rape.

Several female offenders testified that they feared they would be sent to prison if they did not provide sexual favors to him. Burgess allegedly used his power as sheriff repeatedly to pressure a female employee, inmates and members of his county's drug court program to pleasure him in exchange for special treatment. The evidence against Burgess surfaced in a federal lawsuit filed on behalf of 12 former jail inmates alleging sheriff's employees had them engage in wet T-shirt contests and offered cigarettes to those who would flash their breasts.

He was sheriff to the position in and re-elected in and The jury that convicted Burgess had recommended a sentence of 94 years. Burgess offered his official resignation Wednesday, effective immediately. Attorney Sheldon Sperling, who prosecuted Jones and Brookshire, helped secure a year prison sentence four years ago against former Latimer County Sheriff Melvin Holly, who was convicted of forcing three women prisoners to have sex with him, serving one moonshine and threatening the life of another. Vince Barefoot ordered Burgess to be taken to the Roger Mills County jail in Cheyenne rather than his former jail in Arapaho out of concern for Burgess' safety. Burgess, 56, stood red-eyed as the verdicts were read on each of the original 36 counts that ranged from forcible oral sodomy and kidnapping to sexual battery and rape.

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