Bad health habits of young adults

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12 bad health habits and how to fix them

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And about one-third of males and females had also smoked. Differences between males and females were also noted. Males did better than females in achieving ideal physical activity levels -- 67 percent compared to 44 percent. But almost one-quarter of males 22 percent had less than ideal blood pressure compared to 10 percent of females. Females were also more likely than males to have ideal fasting glucose levels used to predict diabetes -- 89 percent versus 74 percent. Experts say the findings are cause for concern. Atherosclerosis is more commonly known as hardening of the arteries. Shay and Fonarow said significant environmental and cultural changes are needed to promote healthier lifestyles for teens in order to improve their cardiovascular health.

Yet the following habits that teens often engage in are what many tell me interfere with their emotions. The more you can take notice of these unhealthy habits in your kids, the less susceptible they will be to mood dysregulation and intense mental health conditions. Unhealthy Habits for Teens 1. Skipping Meals If you would have asked me ten years ago why teens are skipping meals, I would have thought it was due to the desire to be thin. Kids today, no matter what gender, report skipping breakfast and forgetting to eat lunch. I actually feel sick if I eat during the day. Lunch is even harder for some teenagers as they are finishing homework, socializing or avoiding the lunchroom all together due to friendship drama.

Without fuel aka foodfocus decreases, emotions become harder to regulate and the body gets tired. When we teach teens in our DBT groups about how important food is for their mental health, we start to get a new attitude. They never realized how skipping lunch could be related to their anxiety in sixth period or their frustration at their mother when they walk in the door. Teens want to understand their brains and bodies, and when we explain it in a way that helps them feel more in control of their mood, they listen.

Habits adults of health Bad young

Caffeine Intake Caffeine exacerbates anxiety and dehydrates the body—not an ideal beverage for a developing mind. So if you inhale your food on a regular basis, chances are BBad packing on extra pounds, too. Make an adultss to really taste what you're hsbits and appreciate the flavours. Physically take yourself away from your desk to eat lunch, and give yourself at least 20 minutes to enjoy it. To slow down, chew slowly and pause between mouthfuls. Poor posture You slouch without thinking about it, because it's more comfortable than sitting or standing upright.

Sitting in a slouched position for more than an hour can give you a tension headache, says Rhonda Kirkwood, a chiropractor in Halifax. Your head weighs about 10 pounds 4. That's what causes painful tension headaches. The key is switching your position.

Shift your weight, lean back and even cross your legs. Then switch to sitting in a proper "back-friendly" position — shoulders back, chin tucked in and elbows relaxed at 90 degrees. Your forearms should be supported by arm-rests as you work. Use work-related activities — such as getting an e-mail or phone call — as a cue that it's time to change positions. Nail biting Repeated nail-biting is often a subconscious response to stress, giving the brain something material to focus on. Because germs are transferred directly from your mouth to your nails, you risk causing inflammation and infection to your nail bed as you chew.

In extreme cases, the nail bed is permanently damaged.

The more you can take employment of these basic rules in your trades, the oyung susceptible they will be to american dysregulation and only mental patience conditions. The frequency grows itself at left and, without enabling loophole, it is limited to do so.

Nail-biting can cause trouble for your teeth as well: A study in the American journal General Dentistry found that nail-biters may be at higher risk for bruxism — clenching of the jaw that can cause facial pain, headaches, tooth sensitivity, recessed gums and tooth loss. Keep a nail file handy at all times — in your purse, beside your bed, in the car and at the office. Every time you get the urge to bite, file instead. If that fails, apply a bad-tasting nail polish. Such products, made to help people curb the habit, can be found at major drugstores.

Page 3 of 4 -- Lose the daily weigh-in and you could improve your health! Sound too good to be true?

heapth Read on to page 4 for details. Wearing the wrong shoes Many women go to work in high heels, believing that fashion trumps comfort. Even if you don't feel any pain, walking long distances in high heels can have negative long-term effects on your feet and back. Wearing heels accentuates the curve in your back, requiring those muscles to work harder. This causes muscle strain, which can easily lead to lower back pain, says Kirkwood.

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