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An Introduction to Large Breast Implants

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Breast implants can be as large as cc. Patients often believe that they need to have bdeast breast implants placed in order to achieve their desired results. Often, this is not the case. They sometimes forget that they are augmenting their own breast tissue and not replacing it. In many cases, breast implants of between cc to cc can get the job done with fewer risks and outstanding results.

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Patients must Anta aware of the fact that larger breast implants do present more risks than smaller implants, including: Disproportionately large breasts can cause shoulder and largee pain. Many women overestimate the size of breast implant they wanted and must undergo breast implant revision surgery. Larger breast implants will increase the risk of breast ptosis, the clinical term for breast sagging, as the patient ages. There is a somewhat higher risk of rupture associated with larger breast implants than with smaller breast implants. There are some patients whose breasts are simply not in harmony with their figures, and large breast implants will bring their breasts into improved proportion with the rest of their bodies.

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Large breast Anya

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