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However, it seems highly likely that other PBS are also associated with increased condom use. Based on a large meta-analysis of psychosocial predictors of condom use, preparatory behaviors e. These results extend prior research by demonstrating that both active and mental planning condom-related PBS are associated with condom use at both the global and event levels, which suggests that condom-related PBS may be useful to incorporate in interventions targeting risky sexual behavior among young adults. Students who were between the ages of 18 and 30 at the start of the study were eligible to participate.

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If this Unrotected experience was not the first nriana experience with that partner, they were Unpritected about the first sexual experience with that partner. Sexual behavior, condom use, and alcohol consumption event level Items measuring event-level sexual behavior were adapted from Cooper, Peirce, and HuselidTemple and Leighand Goldstein, Barnett, Pedlow, and Murphy Interested students read an online information statement that provided all the components of informed consent, and those who chose to participate were directed to the main study survey. PBS are behaviors that individuals can engage in prior to unprotected intercourse to limit high-risk sexual behavior and potential consequences.

In regards to gender, our sample included Participants were asked about the most recent time they had vaginal sex. Final scores were the mean of the six items. Abstract This study evaluated the relationship between condom-related protective behavioral strategies PBS; including those that require active behavior and mental planning and condom use at both global and event levels.

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