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Ultimately, just two women were arrested in the operation, Sunny and year-old K.

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Suk, both Korean nationals. He "cleaned himself up and was then escorted out. They found unused condoms and cash, including the cash paid by the informant earlier, and arrested Sunny and Suk, later determining that both had previous convictions for prostitution and both were involved in Ace Accupressure's management. From that day on, Sunny and Suk would remain prisoners in county jail until pleading guilty, in January, to one count each of misdemeanor promoting prostitution.

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Immigration's Morality Clause For Handjobb. But for the women targeted by DHS spa stings, it can upend their whole lives, and it doesn't necessarily matter whether they're actually engaged in prostitution. For eaat who have entered the country illegally, any encounter with authorities is fraught with deportation danger. Others may be here on valid tourist or student visas but not permitted to work, which means that even giving standard massages to pick up extra cash could be an official immigration infraction, thus triggering their removal. And even legal permanent residents can be arrested, fined, and jailed for up to 30 days if they don't have their green card with them physically when federal agents show up.

Nor do those swept up in ICE's vice stings necessarily have to be immigration scofflaws to face consequences such as deportation. Even legal permanent residents—i. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act oflegal immigrants who have not been naturalized as citizens can become deportable for a variety of reasons, including managing or supervising a prostitution business, transporting someone for the purpose of prostitution, or committing crimes of "moral turpitude"—a nebulous concept defined at various points in immigration law as "conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals" or "an act or behavior that gravely violates the sentiment or accepted standard of the community.

And even when DHS isn't directly involved in an initial sting, immigrant inmates may be held on immigration detainers by police who have agreements with federal authorities. A sting on a massage parlor in Macomb CountyMichigan, that led to the arrest of five Chinese women on prostitution charges has already led to the deportation of two of the women. Two others are still in custody, awaiting trial. The fifth woman, year-old Meijuan Yu, just recently plead guilty to offering prostitution and was sentenced to two years probation—deferred so that Homeland Security could immediately take her into custody and get started on deporting her back to China.

On February 9,Homeland Security Investigations teamed up with two county sheriff's offices to raid Donah's Massage Therapy in Winnie, Texas, as part of an undercover investigation they'd been plotting since December. Three women—Song Ja Hyun, 59, Shunyu Quan, 53, and Ying Yu Jin, 53—were arrested and charged with misdemeanor prostitution; Jin was also charged with aggravated promoting prostitution, a felony. In Amarillo, Texas, local police and Homeland Security worked "for months" investigating prostitution at the local Touch Spa. The fruits of their efforts? If you enjoy watching women giving guys handjobs, you've come to the right place!

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