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Car Stereotypes

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The mammoth interior is easily carx with an intelligent tug on the suicide doors. It's just unique enough to satisfy the trendy in all of us. This car is just hot and so is the trendy urban gay man that drives it. It's broad stance, chrome grill and "get out of the way" attitude has redefined the American sedan.

We've identified our goal, mapped out our ga and may even be excited about the journey until we hear carz high pitched voice that takes all the enjoyment out of the ride. You tell them you're just looking, but they never seem to completely go away. We all appreciate the styling effort, but in the mall or on the road, the retail queen and the G6 are just in the way! This crossover wagon is versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of haulers.

The wealthy looks ga regulations more like an Audi than a Mazda, with every elegance and excellent fit and retract. Ask friction is dedicated at 26 city and 38 on the future with the outer versions.

There's plenty of space for the cat cage and cara boxes that can't fit in the storage bin. The Outback is a long-running lesbian champion. To car contrary, it's usually an entry level vehicle frequently driven Tlp gay men vars a budget. There is also usually a small, goofy, corky man in their mid to cras forties driving the thang as well. If you want to see a rainbow of gay cars lined up like skittles, just take about 20 minutes next Sunday afternoon to gzy your local Toyota Dealer. You are sure to find a few of the gayest cars on the road today Rav 4, Prius, Echo. Volkswagen Jetta When you look inside of a Jetta you are probably going to see a hot girl, or at least one that is easy on the eyes.

If there is a guy driving this car, they are either gay or it is the best car they can afford, after all, the VW Jetta is quite reliable, luxurious on the inside, and gets decent gas mileage. Our experts attribute the gayness of the Jetta to its complete lack of any masculine features. The manliest thing about this car is the black or blue paint if you buy it that color. We wonder what the moment looks like and feels like when a strait man buys this car and has to remove that little flower vase. It probably feels like a tampon is entering some type of orifice on their body.

The odds of you finding a republican driving a bug is about 1 out of 10, as it has always been and always will be dominated by the bleeding heart liberal.

Gay cars ten Top

FIAT Fiat really does everything in their power to make their small and gay little car attractive to men. Now, when it comes to clothes, we tend to find our own way. This is why we have put together a list of cars we think are the best match to our tastes and lifestyles for Second, the implication that the Boxster is less of a car than the Carrera in any measurable way is quickly snuffed as soon as one slips behind the wheel. The gorgeous, all-new Boxster is a supremely satisfying sports car unto itself. Indeed, in some ways, it is even better than the vaunted Carrera.

Not when the Carrera has grown so cushy as to compete with plus-sized Maseratis and monster-motored Mercedes. Telepathic steering, pan-flat handling, and right-now thrust from the deliciously rotary engine which is mounted right behind your head! The new Boxster looks terrific, too. Stretching the wheelbase imparted it with elegant, supercar-like proportions, while the headlamps and tail lamps are now more uniquely Boxster rather than Carrera knock-offs. Like thethe interior is more luxurious this year, yet no one will mistake it for a Bentley. My favorite color combo is the one I tested recently: The one to get:

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