Whisper wear hands free breast pump

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Whisper Wear Hands Free Double Breast Pump Set

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The sealed milk collection system is ultra-simple to both assemble and clean.

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All pre assigned "feeding patterns" have been determined through a number of clinical studies and tests. The air contains a number of pollutants, but unfortunately most units on the market allow the milk to liberally come into contact with the air. The adjustable pump kit is worn discreetly underneath clothing, held in place by a standard bra. The bags are almost impossible to purchase now, but you may improvise with other collection bags.

Free hands pump breast wear Whisper

The pukp system and collected milk store compactly in the stylish carry bag. If you would like to find out further details regarding this hande pump then please call All units come with a years warranty and run on two AA batteries. Soft silicone breast cup and microprocessor controlled cycling gently mimics the feel and suckling of baby. The breast pump is therefore able to have a predetermined "suckling" patterns programmed into it. The most appealing aspect of the Whisper Wear pump is its ability to operate unnoticed underneath the wearer's clothes. With the Whisper Wear breast pump, a special system is used to ensure the two never meet - the milk is directed straight into a pre assigned collection bag.

Continued research has strived to produce a breast feeding pump that is light-years ahead of its competitors in bfeast its number features and its unique slim line design that allows it to be worn underneath clothing. For this rental offer, please go to the WW Double Breastpump. To the store, to work, while walking the dog - this breast pump can be worn anywhere because of its unobtrusive and silent nature. If you do not want to rent, please phone us toll free for something comparable for your hands free pumping needs! Even with the complete kit cooler pack, collection bags, dishwasher bag etc it only weighs in at fewer than three pounds!

Freee what can mothers expect from the Whisper Wear pump? We decided to save the best for last. Sitting at less than a pound in weight the Whisper Wear is completely designed for portability and for use anywhere at almost anytime. Return shipping cost will be your responsibility unless the pump is rented for over five months.

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