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Indirectly you are getting to know what he likes just by staring at him. Gifl needs to ducks like you are French kissing the tip of the dick. While using your tongue to caress the tip, try going in a circular motion. When sucking his testicles, keep stroking his dick. If you do feel comfortable with this, the secret behind it is not tasting it but swallowing as soon as it gets in your mouth. Swallow Optional This is totally your call ladies.

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You can stop and use your hands to play with his testicles. On the other hand, several sexually transmitted diseases, including chlamydiagonorrheaherpes, syphilisgenital warts HPV and hepatitis B can be passed on when either your penis is sucked or you suck someone else's penis. It's important to have regular check-ups for sexually transmitted diseases, especially if you've had several sexual partners since you were last tested. Twist your head in different ways around his penis and continue sucking on it. Slowly ease your way by nibbling on his ear, biting his neck, licking his nipples, kissing your way down to his abdomen, kissing his inner thighs and then diving right it.

This is where your imagination comes into play.

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