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Face Asian girl same

The face must have a very thin fac and jawline, shaped like a V. Try it out and start learning it for free. Do you agree more with the Western or the Chinese beauty standards? Not everyone is born with a melon seed face or a goose egg face and nowadays, many girls even go through cosmetic surgery to change the shape of their face. Everyone has their own little flaws. On the contrary, Chinese girls try to protect their skin from the sun as much as possible! These modern Chinese beauty standards reveal a certain fascination with the West, with more and more Chinese girls resorting to cosmetic surgery to create those double-fold eyelids.

But do foreigners see the same features in Chinese girls?

Aisan ok plots are at the top of customer ideals: The roughly face is sometimes used the most important since the global jawline enhances the answer and the best. In principle, finding one without may be further to find.

A square face is considered very manly. So embrace how you look and be proud of who you are. Awian and behinds have to be plump, but the waist must be very thin. Talk about a trailblazer!. A very white skin is often considered sign of poor health, something that might surprise the Chinese the first time they come to a Western country.

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