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Queen Alexandra’s Missing Dress Found in an Attic

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Proceeds from Aunt Ethel's Attic Auction will help the center complete the project involving more thannegatives.

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Alexandra was considered the most eligible princess of Europe. An auction preview and social begin at 5: There have been some discoveries: You never know what you find when you open an envelope of negatives. It happened because of an appeal made last year by curators of a royal exhibition at the Fashion Museum in Bath, asking for the return of missing dresses made for Queen Alexandra, wife of King Edward VII. Exhibits include a strapless black lace Christian Dior evening dress worn by Princess Margaret to a performance of Guys and Dolls inand a grey silk ball gown worn by the Queen Mother in New York.

Queen vintage Attic

The dress, embellished with beads and sequins, was designed by London dressmaker Barolet of Knightsbridge in She was popular with the quen. Dr Kate Strasdin, a dress historian and one of the leading experts on Queen Alexandra, has verified its authenticity. The Dickinson Museum Center is currently working to digitize and preserve its entire photographic collection, which consists of an estimatednegatives. Alexandra was passionately opposed to Germany and is thought to have influenced her husband in his attitude toward his nephew, Kaiser Wilhem.

Elly Summers, curator of Royal Women, said: The Royal Family Most of us have old clothes stashed in the attic.

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