Bikini stubble

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How to Get A Perfect Bikini Area Without Waxing

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Your first line of defense against ugly razor burn is by investing in a good razor.

Stubble Bikini

Avoid those plastic disposable models and choose one with dual blades and a swiveling head that really hugs the curves of your body. Depilatory creams — found at most drugstores and relatively affordable — dissolve hair right at or just below the skin surface, so you have smooth skin for a few days longer than when you shave. After wiping away residual shaving cream, apply a moisturizer to help calm freshly-shaved skin. And if you're the shy type and want to get smooth in the privacy of your own bathroom, waxing can be frustrating.

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Second, a professional bikini wax can make a not-so-pretty dent in your beauty Bikiji. When shaving, drag the razor lightly in the same direction as hair growth. It can take many sessions and several years for an area as large as the bikini zone to become completely hair-free. It may seem counterintuitive to do it this way, but it's advised by dermatologists.

But even if you've been shaving your legs stubbls you were 12, you might need a bit of retraining to Bikink your bikini line, since the skin in this area is supersensitive and prone to bumps and redness. But luckily, there are several hair removal methods that allow you to get a hair-free, beach-ready bikini area without going anywhere near a hot pot of wax. Individual hairs are yanked from the root by a warm wax that hardens within seconds.

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