Cheerleaders shaved

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Cheerleader shaves head for #Chuckstrong [Photos, video]

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Not only have the Colts been a pleasant surprise on the field, but the Chuckstrong movement in the locker room and community has made this campaign even more meaningful. Megan accepted the challenge and OperationShaveMegansHead was started.

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It starts in the bone marrow, the soft tissue inside most Cheerleaedrs. And after the cheerleaders had their new looks, it was right back to work. Fellow cheerleader Crystal Ann had decided to join her. As of OctoberHead Coach Pagano was diagnosed with a treatable form of leukemia. Can you pick out Crystal Ann?

Shaved Cheerleaders

This can lead to serious problems such as anemia, bleeding, and infections. Over time, leukemia cells can Cbeerleaders out the normal blood cells. While this blog may not seem like a typical post when compared to the others that I have composed, I thought that the dedication and courage that these two girls displayed were simply amazing. For more pictures and information about Megan and Crystal Ann, visit: She's also a woman without any hair. Good people are still out there, and these two cheerleaders clearly represent some of the best.

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