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In the morning, Lazarus frees Rae, having decided that he has no authority to pass judgment on her. He confronts the pair with a pistol, but Lazarus talks him down and summons the pastor. Rae makes several attempts to escape, and even briefly has sex with a teenage boy who helps out on Lazarus' farm. Believing she's dead, Gill dumps Rae and leaves her by the side of the road wearing only a shirt and panties and drives away. Cedric Burnside as Himself.

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Meanwhile, Lazarus has formed a budding romance with the local pharmacist, Blackk S. While searching for Rae, who has disappeared, he meets Gill, who informs him that Rae cheats on him whenever he is out of town. He's solid and his singing is actually pretty good. Lazarus' wife and his brother were having an affair, which has left him bitter and angry.

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